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Your top issues in Bush Hill Park

Many of you have asked what are the main issues that local residents are raising. Well this is the first edition of monthly updates to answer that question.

The chart right is the Bush Hill Park Ward break down of issues raised with me and that I worked on in the month of May.

No.1 Bins and fly tipping complaints having been steadily rising – which follows Labour Council cutting bin collections.
No.2 Parks – issues raised are focused mainly around Covid19 breaches.
No.3 Crime – following a surge of motor vehicle crime.                                                          No.4 Ongoing road safety and increased speeding during Covid19.

June stats to follow next week!

Bush Hill Park 20m phone mast – rejected

Many of you have contacted me to raise your concern about this planning application.

The proposal for a mobile phone mast at the junction of First Avenue and Queens Anne’s Place, opposite Bagshot Road has been refused planning permission. This is due to the impact of the proposal on the character and appearance of the Bush Hill Park Conservation Area.

One of the principle objections was the masts height, which would have been 60 feet (20 metres) high. This would have been taller than the mature trees in the area!

From listening to residents the objection was not against the principal of a new mast, given the increased importance of connectivity during Covid19. One suggestion was that a better location would be on the disused land at the Bush Hill Park station. Already communications masts have been installed there.

42,000 jobs saved in Enfield Borough

42,000 jobs saved in Enfield Borough

The Government has protected 42,000 jobs through the ‘job retention scheme’ in Enfield Borough.

In more detail, this covers; 15,600 jobs in Edmonton, 12,700 jobs in Enfield North and 13,700 jobs in Enfield Southgate.

During this time of uncertainty due to Covid19 the Government’s Job Retention scheme has protected 42,000 jobs across Enfield Borough. This has ensured that households in Enfield Borough have been able to pay their bills, put food on the table and be able to spend money supporting local business – which will have saved many more additional jobs – as we reopen the economy.

Since the Job Retention Scheme has been launched the Government stepping in and helping pay people’s wages–through a scheme which is one of the most generous of any in the world–paying grants to support as many jobs as necessary. Any employer in the country–large, small, charitable or for profit–who promises to retain their staff, can apply for a grant to cover most of the cost of paying people’s wages. Government grants will cover 80 per cent of the salary of retained workers up to a total of £2,500 a month–above the median income.

This has been part of the Governments world-leading economic response to coronavirus. This includes the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, helping to pay people’s wages, an unprecedented package of loans and grants available to businesses, and a Bounce Back Loan Scheme that enables small businesses to borrow up to £50,000 and access the cash within days.


A10 – Mayor of London and TfL fail to deliver 

 The A10 through Enfield and Edmonton has seen some of the worst speeding offences in England and was even mentioned in a No.10 press briefing.

Over the years the community has campaigned for action. As a result of these efforts has seen the Met Police Traffic Command implement ‘Operation Vision Zero’. This is a targeted Traffic Police operation to tackle dangerous and speeding driving – focusing on a few roads across London.

Twice TfL promised average speed cameras. The first time they failed pulled out, the second time they bowed to pressure from the Enfield Borough community, announcing they would install average speed cameras. However, it has now emerged, that they have only installed cameras on half the A10 stretch – between Southbury Road junction and the M25, with nothing between the Great Cambridge Road roundabout and the Southbury Road roundabout.

When Councillor Hockney ran the petition the Mayor, in his response, promised a network of average speed cameras on the corridor. Whilst cameras have been installed, they only cover half the stretch of the A10, almost exclusively for Enfield and virtually leaving out Edmonton entirely.

Councillor James Hockney said, “Residents have had enough of the reckless and dangerous driving along the A10. The efforts of the Traffic Police have made a real difference. We have succeeded on campaigning for average speed cameras – but the Mayor and TfL have only half delivered in our view – we will hold them to account to finish the job. When the news originally broke, that they would install a network of average speed cameras along the corridor, I said I was over the moon, but as they have only half delivered, so I am only now over the crescent of the moon”.

Councillor Hockney went onto say, “Over the northbound bridge on the A10 saw one of the speed cameras removed. Local residents live in fear after a series of cars smashing into the front of their properties (pictured above) – and directly blame the removal of the enforcement camera. It is residents like this that the Mayor of London and TfL must listen to and act”.

The issue has been raised with the three local Members of Parliament, Enfield Council and the local GLA member.

This is an issue that we will continue to campaign on for the community.


Call for CPZ in Alberta Road

Residents in Alberta Road have been calling for a comprehensive CPZ on the whole road for many years.

Last year a number of resident got together a petition to Enfield Council calling for action.

This passed the threshold on whether or not the Council gives the proposal further consideration.

Each year there is a set budget with funding from TfL. Normally the next step would be to follow up with a consultation exercise. The consultation should have  commenced in April 2020.

However, the pandemic has sadly affected funding – as it relies on TfL bus and tube fare fees. This leaves uncertainty for many residents in Alberta Road.

I will continue to be in touch with the Council and look forward to the time we can progress this matter that so many Alberta Road residents want to see resolved.

New cycle racks for Bush Hill Park station on the way

I have raised with Enfield Borough Council the need to have cycle racks on the Queen Anne’s Place side of the Overground Station.

It seemed important to have cycle racks on both sides of the station!

The Council confirmed that they have assessed local station facilities in order to prioritise efforts to enhance cycle parking.

They aim to ensure, in the current financial year, that there is at least 3 bikes stands at the Queen Anne’s Place entrance.

In the longer term, the authority plans to implement secure cycle parking facilities to all stations subject to funding and the relevant permissions.



Love our parks – issues at local parks

Our parks have been a wonderful place to visit, especially through the Lockdown.

But sadly at the same time we have seen  many issues at local parks, this includes in  Bush Hill Park Ward at both Firs Farm Wetlands and Bury Lodge Park.

This has included dumping of rubbish, lighting of fires, taking of plants and wildlife to name but a few.

I have been in touch with the local Police and Council – who are aware of the issues and doing their best to keep an eye on matters.

If you see any anti-social behaviour please ensure that you contact the police on 101 or 999. Alternatively (if the issue of at a park in Enfield Borough) you can contact park services at Enfield Council via their website or call 020 8379 1000.

Call for action on Bury St West / Bury Lodge Gardens road safety

Local residents and the Friends of Bury Lodge Park have been calling for action to address a traffic island which has seen many accidents.

The accidents seem to peak during the summer when the sun is low in the sky combined with many cars parking alongside Bury Lodge Park.

I have raised this issue many times with the Council on the need for action and requested site visits – all to no avail so far. This matter has been escalated to a senior Director.

Last weekend saw a spate of accidents including one car reportedly being written off. Many are rightly concerned that it is only a matter of time before someone is injured or worse.

A nearby traffic island (on the same road) has a lit lamppost and blue arrow sign, I have asked why the traffic island does not.

Additionally I asked the Council to clear-up the accident damage (glass/plastic) on the road, oil and repair the traffic island. Image result for blue road sign

Personally on one of the many site visits I have conducted, a car nearly lost car control right in front of me. It is a real concern that if matters are not resolved then we could see someone injured or worse.

Rest assured I will continue to press Enfield Council for action with the local community.