Politics and campaigning

Committed Conservative and an active campaigner.

During the 2018 and 2017 Elections, campaigned across London, Midlands and Eastern Region in key battleground areas.

Supported many Parliamentary Candidates with successful outreach to the Bangladeshi communities and arranged secured an opportunity for a candidate to speak to a large audience at a Mosque during prayers.

Over the last 17 years campaigned in all the general elections, three europe elections, London Mayoral Elections 2016 & 2012. In addition to countless local election campaigns,  Parliamentary By-Elections, Council by-elections the length and breadth of the country. He even campaigned across the pond in the 2008 USA Presidential Elections for John McCain!

Barnsley by-election supportParliamentary Candidate

In 2010 James was the Parliamentary Candidate for Barnsley East in 2010, securing a record number of votes for a Conservative candidate and the 3rd largest in support from Labour to the Conservatives at that General Election.

He was then invited back by local activists to contest the 2011 Barnsley Central Parliamentary by-election.

This meant rising the challenge of fighting a campaign in the national spotlight; including a daily swirl of media interviews, including the Newsnight interviewer Michael Crick. Handling live broadcast debates on television and radio with rising Labour star, Dan Jarvis MP. Leading teams of canvassers and deliverers. His performance was well regarded inside and outside the political arena. A local news interviewer stated his media affiliates shared what a strong media performer James was during the campaign. Whilst James held 3rd place for the Conservatives – the Lib Dems fell from 2nd to 6th place.

Track record in Local Government

Made history by being the first ever Conservative Councillor to be elected the Cambridgeshire Ward of Waterbeach. Taking the Conservative brand from 3rd place / 16% vote share to 1st place / 60% vote share. This was despite the Lib Dems targeting his seat and ‘throwing in the kitchen sink’ to beat James – they never did. He vacated his seat when he moved to London with his family. Pictured right: Opening the new South Cambridgeshire Council Call Centre.

Media appearances – fighting for what is right

James has taken part in hundreds of media interviews across national television, national radio, national printed press, regional television, regional BBC radio, regional printed press, local commercial Radio, BBC radio, local printed press and a range of internet and blog news outlets.
A strong and reliable communicator, guided by his Conservative principles of hard work and value for money.

An experienced public speaker from small audiences in the tens through to thousands on the national stage speaking at the Conservative Party Conference on three separate occasions.

Whether through media interviews, debates, public speaking, telephone canvassing, door to door canvassing and leaflet delivery – has the reputation of being a dependable voice that wins over voters.