A10 – Mayor of London and TfL fail to deliver 

 The A10 through Enfield and Edmonton has seen some of the worst speeding offences in England and was even mentioned in a No.10 press briefing.

Over the years the community has campaigned for action. As a result of these efforts has seen the Met Police Traffic Command implement ‘Operation Vision Zero’. This is a targeted Traffic Police operation to tackle dangerous and speeding driving – focusing on a few roads across London.

Twice TfL promised average speed cameras. The first time they failed pulled out, the second time they bowed to pressure from the Enfield Borough community, announcing they would install average speed cameras. However, it has now emerged, that they have only installed cameras on half the A10 stretch – between Southbury Road junction and the M25, with nothing between the Great Cambridge Road roundabout and the Southbury Road roundabout.

When Councillor Hockney ran the Change.org petition the Mayor, in his response, promised a network of average speed cameras on the corridor. Whilst cameras have been installed, they only cover half the stretch of the A10, almost exclusively for Enfield and virtually leaving out Edmonton entirely.

Councillor James Hockney said, “Residents have had enough of the reckless and dangerous driving along the A10. The efforts of the Traffic Police have made a real difference. We have succeeded on campaigning for average speed cameras – but the Mayor and TfL have only half delivered in our view – we will hold them to account to finish the job. When the news originally broke, that they would install a network of average speed cameras along the corridor, I said I was over the moon, but as they have only half delivered, so I am only now over the crescent of the moon”.

Councillor Hockney went onto say, “Over the northbound bridge on the A10 saw one of the speed cameras removed. Local residents live in fear after a series of cars smashing into the front of their properties (pictured above) – and directly blame the removal of the enforcement camera. It is residents like this that the Mayor of London and TfL must listen to and act”.

The issue has been raised with the three local Members of Parliament, Enfield Council and the local GLA member.

This is an issue that we will continue to campaign on for the community.


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