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Action on dog fouling

As a Bush Hill Park Councillor, I have been actively working with the Council Environmental Team and residents on the scourge of dog mess on pavements.

So far I have identified a number of roads that are especially blighted; including Delhi Road, Queen Anne’s Place, Queen Anne’s Grove, Wellington Road and Bury Street West.

Action from the Council included clearance of the offending waste. The Council have also placed stickers on litter bins – that they can be used to place bagged dog waste.

In addition; as restrictions ease increased targeted enforcement / awareness raising will be taking place.

If you know of any other roads that are a problem within Bush Hill Park Ward please let me know.

No pollution monitors in Bush Hill Park Ward

There are Zero 0️⃣ pollution monitors in Bush Hill Park Ward. Please see red outline boundary map image.

I will keep pressing Enfield Council on this – it is unacceptable.

Especially given Council declared a Climate Emergency in July 2019.

If you contact the Council please feel welcome to copy me on the email!

Fir Farms Wetlands Update – some good news

Firs Farm Wetlands is a jewel in the crown of Bush Hill Park, being an oasis where people can walk and sit to reflect in peaceful surroundings.

There have been an ongoing number of issues and convened a meeting between the Friends Group and the Council to see what could be done.

One important piece of context; is since the March lockdown there has been a 136% increase of footfall.

Litter: There has been a sharp increase of general litter around the park and in the bins. The Council have stepped up their activity of both litter picks and empty of bins.

Flytipping: Especially at the front of the Wetlands, fly tipping has increased. The location is on the watch list of sites which should help with clearances.

Bins, bins, bins: We need more bins on site and the Council has agreed to supply six extra on site in the near future. There is additional potential funding should it be required.

Rats: The wetlands has seen a sharp increase in the rat population due to litter and feeding of wildlife, in the interim the Council will look at a pest control solution.

Signage: Different signs are needed, especially in relation to people and pets going into the ponds, which is not safe to due and impacts on the wildlife in the ponds.

Maintenance: Improvements are needed on pipe blockages into the ponds, weeds growing through pavements and general upkeep of the grassed areas and wildflower areas. It was agreed to arrange a site visit to look at these problems in more detail for a resolution.

Certainly a productive meeting and an example of good partnership working!

Keeping Firs Farm Wetlands clean and green

Some good news. We have seen Firs Farm Wetlands blighted by litter and fly tipping.

In response I took action and contacted the Council. As a result the following has happened;

(1) The Council has agreed to conduct a litter pick of the site and keep more regular supervision of the Wetlands. (2) Additional litter bins will be installed around the Wetlands. Firs Park Wetlands are a jewel in the crown of Bush Hill Park and as a local Councillor will always do my best.

Firs Farm Wetlands – litter and fly tipping

Many of you have raised the ongoing issues on fly tipping across Bush Hill Park. One area that has been blighted has been the wonderful Firs Farms Wetlands.

I have been in active contact with the Council to help keep this area clean and green.

Local residents have continued to raise concerns so I made a site visit today.

First, it is welcome that the Council has stepped up efforts to stop the litter bins filling with litter/fly tipping. Especially as some have used litter bins as an over flow for waste disposal. Second, their is a need for more more litter bins on the site. I am pleased that the Council has agreed on the need to install more bins. Third, I have noted the areas where there is still fly tipping and have asked the Council to conduct a litter pick.

as ever, I will always do my best for community assets like Firs Farm Wetlands.

Tackling fly-tipping around Bush Hill Park station

Eurobins by Bush Hill Park Station:

There have been ongoing issues on both sides of Bush Hill Park with fly tipping. I have been actively working with the Council, residents and the local Residents Association on this issue.

We have managed to ensure that fly tipping is cleared on a regular basis.

But in addition the Waste Enforcement Officers from the Council visits these bins regularly and investigates for unlawfully dumped waste. To this end, the Council recently issued FPNs (Fixed Penalty Notices) on two vehicles who parked and used these bins.

In addition tried to dump rubbish on the Sainsbury side in a locked bin whilst enforcement officers were present!  A warning letter to the driver.

On top of this the Council have recently issued Fixed Penalty Notices on dumped waste; one in Queen Anne’s parade and two littering FPNs outside Sainsbury’s.

We will continue to work hard to keep Bush Hill Park tidy.


79% say NO to new Edmonton Incinerator

I have been reading correspondence and listening to local residents concerns about the proposed new Edmonton Incinerator.

From this I decided to run a poll on the local community page, to gauge opinion on this issue. In total 99 people took part in the poll with an overwhelming 79% saying NO to the new Edmonton Incinerator.

Clearly this is an emotive issue with strong opinions on both sides, one arguing for reducing landfill, the other reducing pollution.

Having watched the recent livestream meeting many key concerns were raised by a wide range of contributors including politicians (including Sir Iain Duncan Smith and Kate Osamor MP) and medical experts.

Some of the key questions that I noted were;

(1) Vastly increased projected costs of the project.

(2) Health related concerns of Co2 and NOx emissions.

(3) Reducing need for landfill / recycling rates improving.

(4) Waste now proposed to come from areas outside the seven authorities area.

(5) Whether plans align with the climate change emergency.

From the issues raised and the responses provided there are demonstrably grounds for concern regarding this project. In light of this, I support the call to ‘Pause and Review’ the project with independent experts to assess the plans.


Love our parks – issues at local parks

Our parks have been a wonderful place to visit, especially through the Lockdown.

But sadly at the same time we have seen  many issues at local parks, this includes in  Bush Hill Park Ward at both Firs Farm Wetlands and Bury Lodge Park.

This has included dumping of rubbish, lighting of fires, taking of plants and wildlife to name but a few.

I have been in touch with the local Police and Council – who are aware of the issues and doing their best to keep an eye on matters.

If you see any anti-social behaviour please ensure that you contact the police on 101 or 999. Alternatively (if the issue of at a park in Enfield Borough) you can contact park services at Enfield Council via their website or call 020 8379 1000.

Pesticide Tree spraying – Firs Farm Wetlands Park

I received complaints about a contractor (on behalf of the Forestry Commission) pesticide spraying oak trees to deal with Oak Processionary Moth (OMP).

There was clear concern about the health and safety of Park users.

From the complaints which detailed a lack of warning signs and spraying on a windy day; I have contacted Environmental Health at the Council.

In response the Council has; (1) Raised these concerns with both the contractor and Forestry Commission.

(2) Reminded the contractors of their health and safety obligations for spraying in public places

(3) Instructed permission is sought to enter any Council controlled land (so parks, open spaces etc) or providing all mandatory health and safety paperwork in advance.

UPDATE – ‘Clear all’ Enfield Council waste collections

UPDATE – ‘Clear all’ Enfield Council waste collections

Thank you to everyone that posted feedback on my previous thread about Enfield Councils side collection of refuse waste policy known as ‘clear all’.

I have been working with a Director and Manager at Enfield Council to help improve matters and clarify the policy, which goes as follows;

(1) On black bin collection day, two black bin bags can be left by the bin. On blue bin collection day flat packed cardboard can be collected. You can also leave visibly recyclable items beside your bin. Squashing and flattening bottles, boxes and cartons can really make a difference.

(2) These can be collected by the refuse team; depending on how full their lorries are. If they cannot then they are sending street cleansing teams (the red caged vans) to clear the outstanding later.

(3) If you have not had the side waste collected by 4pm, place in your black/blue bin as appropriate.

(4) Report this as a missed bin collection on the Enfield Council website – who will arrange a collection. 

(5) If this is not resolved contact your Councillor. If you live in Bush Hill Park – then I am one of your Councillors and are happy to help. I hope the above is helpful and constructive.