UPDATE: A10 Speeding, noise and borough car meets public meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the public meeting this week.

On the panel was representatives from the Police, Council officers, Transport for London (TfL), GLA Member Joanne McCartney, Councillor Chris Dey chairing and myself.

A10 Speed Cameras:
There was broad support for the need for average speed cameras on the Southbury Road to Great Cambridge Road roundabout section. The Council will be meeting Transport for London this month on the matter.

Recently I placed a Freedom of Information request about the two sections of the A10. The figures clearly showed that when the average speed cameras were introduced on the northern section of the A10 – injury accident rates have reduced over the years. There is a clear need for the average speed cameras on the Southbury Road to Great Cambridge Road roundabout section.

Noise cameras:
On the discussion of illegally modified cars – there has been a trial of noise cameras in four locations across the country by the Department for Transport. Follow up enquiries will be made about next steps on this technology.

Car Meets:
The Council is progressing on the work needed to apply to the Courts to secure an injunction against car meets in Enfield Borough.

The Police continue to shut down car meets with the ongoing Transport Police ‘Operation Ghost Freak’ working with a dedicated local Policing team.
Enforcement in recent months;
16 x vehicles seized for no insurance and breach of section 59.
2x vehicles seized for no insurance.
25x Traffic Offences (Court summons).
2x tickets for breach of Enfield PSPO ( £200).
Arrest 1x offensive weapon zombie knife / supply of controlled drugs.
Arrest 1x wanted failure to appear at court – possession offensive weapon.
Arrest 1x drug drive initially failed to stop and mounted the pavement.
Arrests 2x possession of drugs intent to supply & offensive weapon.
Arrest 1x arrest for drug driving, possession cannabis.

I will continue to call for the London Mayor to implement ‘Operation Vision Zero’ which would bring additional Transport Police resource to tackle dangerous A10 speeding and car meets.

Both the Council and Police are in contact with different car parks about improving security at their sites. There are numerous car meet locations – the former B&Q site measures is a welcome step – but there is still more to do across the Borough. I have also been reaching out to a number of the owners / management companies of local car parks.
It is disappointing that the car park companies did not attend the public meeting.

Progress is being made – but I do recognise the frustration in the community about the amount of time this is taking. I will update when I have more information.

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