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Love our parks – issues at local parks

Our parks have been a wonderful place to visit, especially through the Lockdown.

But sadly at the same time we have seen  many issues at local parks, this includes in  Bush Hill Park Ward at both Firs Farm Wetlands and Bury Lodge Park.

This has included dumping of rubbish, lighting of fires, taking of plants and wildlife to name but a few.

I have been in touch with the local Police and Council – who are aware of the issues and doing their best to keep an eye on matters.

If you see any anti-social behaviour please ensure that you contact the police on 101 or 999. Alternatively (if the issue of at a park in Enfield Borough) you can contact park services at Enfield Council via their website or call 020 8379 1000.

Call for action on Bury St West / Bury Lodge Gardens road safety

Local residents and the Friends of Bury Lodge Park have been calling for action to address a traffic island which has seen many accidents.

The accidents seem to peak during the summer when the sun is low in the sky combined with many cars parking alongside Bury Lodge Park.

I have raised this issue many times with the Council on the need for action and requested site visits – all to no avail so far. This matter has been escalated to a senior Director.

Last weekend saw a spate of accidents including one car reportedly being written off. Many are rightly concerned that it is only a matter of time before someone is injured or worse.

A nearby traffic island (on the same road) has a lit lamppost and blue arrow sign, I have asked why the traffic island does not.

Additionally I asked the Council to clear-up the accident damage (glass/plastic) on the road, oil and repair the traffic island. Image result for blue road sign

Personally on one of the many site visits I have conducted, a car nearly lost car control right in front of me. It is a real concern that if matters are not resolved then we could see someone injured or worse.

Rest assured I will continue to press Enfield Council for action with the local community.