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Raglan School road safety news

Five years ago I launched a Raglan School road safety campaign with three key aims;
✅ Pedestrian Crossing – Delivered!
✅ Extended zig zag lines – Delivered!
➡️ 20mph zone – plan being consulted on.
We are now on the brink of securing all three aims. A lot of hard work has gone into pressing the Labour Council for action.
Please see the proposal image for a 20mph limit. Consultation letters are going out in a few days time.

Campaign for Raglan School 20mph limit continues

Raglan School Road Safety Update

➡️ We continue to call for 20mph School speed limits at the Amberley Road and Raglan Road entrances. The call has been ongoing since 2018 and we not stop until this is secured. Currently only Wellington Road has a School time 20mph limit.

➡️ Add your support emailing and please feel welcome to copy me in ➡️ Four years ago the community successfully secured the Zebra crossing and extended zig zag lines on Wellington Road.
➡️ We would like to see School walk to School project (known as walking buses) to encourage walking and reducing car use. Sadly there is £0 funding from the Council.

➡️ There have been complaints about anti social parking and we regularly contact parking enforcement about this. This occurs on many roads and most complaints are about Wellington Road and Manor Way. If you see anti social / illegal parking please contact parking enforcement.

We will not rest until there is a 20mph speed limit on Raglan Road and Amberley Road.

Call for A10 action grows

We continue to press the issue of tackling A10 speeding.

In the last week we received front page coverage in the Enfield Independent Newspaper.

Our call is for average speed 📸cameras network between Southbury Road junction / Great Cambridge Road roundabout like the northern section of the A10.

Please sign the petition.

A10 road safety petition has passed 1,000 signatures! 👍

We continue to press the issue of tackling A10 speeding.

Our call is for average speed 📸cameras network between Southbury Road junction / Great Cambridge Road roundabout like the northern section of the A10.

Please sign the petition.

Bush Hill Park road safety update (and some good news)

As one of your Bush Hill Park Councillors, I continue to proactively press the issue of road safety with Enfield Council. Sadly, the Council has stated on repeated occasions that the accident rates across Bush Hill Park are not high enough for intervention. Clearly this is disappointing to say the least; consistently road safety is one of the biggest concerns of residents and have raised the issue at the very most senior levels of authority.

Speed cameras are the responsibility of the Greater London Assembly (GLA). Funding is currently paused – but it is likely that these will be prioritised for high accident areas. To date all the Council have offered are LTNs (road closures to through traffic) which are clearly deeply divisive and controversial. The feedback I have received overall from local residents is a clear majority against.

The good news.

I have been working with the local Bush Hill Park Police and local crime panel (CAPE). Through this securing a commitment that speeding cars are one of the three key priorities for the Police. As a result of stopping these cars, due to other offences (eg no license, tax etc) over 30 vehicles have been seized in the last month. Where you can help. I am working with the Police and CAPE to set-up a ‘Community Speed Watch’ project for Bush Hill Park Ward. We are looking for volunteers to assist with this – if you are interested please let me know.


Police speeding / motor vehicle enforcement – some good news!

I am continuing to work with the Bush Hill Park Police and CAPE on the issue of speeding and dangerous driving.

This includes, through the CAPE, that speeding/anti-social driving is one of the key priorities for the Bush Hill Park Police. At the moment we are working on securing funds for the local officers to be trained on using the speed gun.

Some good news, is that whilst we wait on this; the local team still specifically allocated resources for car patrols in the meantime!

For instance a car driving erratically on Fords Grove N21 was stopped, the driver wasn’t insured to drive the vehicle and the vehicle has been seized.
The number of seized vehicles on Bush Hill Park in the last month has now EXCEEDED 15! Most of the time stops are due to the manner of driving.

On average the Bush Hill Park Police are seizing about one car per shift. However there are occasions where they process drivers for other offences such as using a mobile phone whilst driving – which doesn’t include seizing vehicles.

In addition, as the Police move towards undertaking speed gun work, they are asking for volunteers to join the Community Speed Watch scheme – where residents assist the Police. If you would be interested in helping please go to the the following link;

News Update: Enfield / Edmonton A10 Road safety

The Traffic Police have updated me on a number of key items, that I thought would be useful to share including regarding the average speed cameras on the northern section of the Enfield Borough A10 stretch.
(1) Although there is less racing and general speeding, we are still seeing high levels of speeding on the Enfield Borough A10. Incredibly, it accounts for 12% of all speeding offences across the whole of London.
(2) In the last 12 months we have not thankfully seen anyone killed or seriously injured on the A10. This is a stark contrast to previous years; the fact we had enhanced traffic Police and now average speed cameras covering half the Enfield Borough stretch cannot be a coincidence.
(3) 75% of offences are handled by a Speed Awareness Course.
(4) Enforcement of the average speed cameras is not an average over the course of the cameras. But between two cameras.
(5) All fines go to a central fund that is then shared with the public services – the No.1 recipient is the NHS at 22%.
(6) Any anti-social driving, racing, illegal activity etc can be reported to the Police.
(7) The community campaigning was key to seeing the average speed cameras being installed on the northern section of the A10.

Extra Policing resource for Halstead Road and Firs Lane speeding

At the local Bush Hill Park crime panel (CAPE) the issue of speeding was discussed in the Halstead Road / Firs Lane area. The local Police have access to speed guns and will put resource for an ongoing operation in the area.

This is welcome news, however in the longer term only a permanent solution of road safety measures will suffice.

Local residents have done a sterling job petitioning and emailing the Council for action. This is in addition to our own efforts as local Councillors pressing for action on speeding issues along Firs Lane, Halstead Road, Firs Park Avenue area.

Recently we have seen another spike; with many accidents taking place in the past week alone. This familiar site of cars driven to excess and then, inevitably lose control and smash into residents parked cars.

Whilst the Police efforts are welcome, the Council needs to come up with permanent solutions; they must be aimed at improving road safety, formally consulted with local residents and securing broad support before being put in place.

I have continued to ask the Council for a virtual meeting with local residents to move the issue forward.

We will continue to press Enfield Borough Council for action. 

School road safety update – Bush Hill Park

I am continuing to work with local Primary Schools, Council, Police and residents to improve road safety around our three local Primary Schools.

To bring you up to date, here is the latest news;

Raglan School.

We continue to work to secure a 20mph speed limit around the School perimeter. Only Wellington Road features a reduced speed limit, and of course there are entrances at Amberley Road and Raglan Road. One step forward is that I secured a speed survey which took place in September. I am awaiting the report on this from the Council.

There have been some parking issues including on the zig-zag lines. I am working with Council Parking Enforcement and the Police to tackle this behaviour.

Firs Farm School.

The entrance of the School has changed to the Fairway – where there are no zig-zag lines. I have requested that the Council look at this. Like Raglan School I am working with the Council Parking Enforcement and Police on various parking issues in the area. We have also seen an ongoing issue of speeding on the road and have asked for a speed survey to be conducted by the Council.

Edmonton County School. 

During peak drop-off and collection times the road of Little Bury Street can become very congested with parking blocking residents driveways. Again I am working with the Council Parking Enforcement and Police on this.

I will continue to press for action at all three local Primary Schools.

A10 average speed camera update (Southbury Road junction – M25) brief.

There have been quite a few questions about the cameras, I have done to extra research and received a briefing. So here is a bit more detail.

(1) Securing the cameras. The community social media campaign was credited with being instrumental in getting the cameras.

(2) Fines. All the money is sent to split between the public services. The NHS is number 1 receiving 22%. So a £100 fine £22 goes to the NHS.

(3) Enforcement. Up to 53mph notice of £100 fine + offer of speed awareness course (if eligible). 53mph – 66mph notice of £100 + 3pts. Over 66mph straight court.

(4) Enforcement. Any false plates flag on the system.

(5) Camera deployment. There are five sets of linked cameras. So it is possible for people to pick up multiple fines during driving in one session.

(6) Guidelines. The cameras are set-up in line with the ACPO guidelines.

I hope that this brief is helpful and provides a bit more clarity on the operation and background to the cameras.