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New cycle racks for Bush Hill Park station on the way

I have raised with Enfield Borough Council the need to have cycle racks on the Queen Anne’s Place side of the Overground Station.

It seemed important to have cycle racks on both sides of the station!

The Council confirmed that they have assessed local station facilities in order to prioritise efforts to enhance cycle parking.

They aim to ensure, in the current financial year, that there is at least 3 bikes stands at the Queen Anne’s Place entrance.

In the longer term, the authority plans to implement secure cycle parking facilities to all stations subject to funding and the relevant permissions.



Cycle Parking at Waterbeach Station

Cycle Parking at Waterbeach Station

The push for more cycle parking facilities at the station has been recognised so hopefully we will see covered cycle sheds appear on the car park. Peter Johnson said, ”I hope this will encourage rail user with cycles to use this facility and stop them leaving cycles chained to the railings at Lodeside Caravan Park which has been a source of annoyance to Lodeside residents and will keep the area looking more tidy.”