UPDATE – ‘Clear all’ Enfield Council waste collections

UPDATE – ‘Clear all’ Enfield Council waste collections

Thank you to everyone that posted feedback on my previous thread about Enfield Councils side collection of refuse waste policy known as ‘clear all’. https://nextdoor.co.uk/news_feed/?post=17592193957487

I have been working with a Director and Manager at Enfield Council to help improve matters and clarify the policy, which goes as follows;

(1) On black bin collection day, two black bin bags can be left by the bin. On blue bin collection day flat packed cardboard can be collected. You can also leave visibly recyclable items beside your bin. Squashing and flattening bottles, boxes and cartons can really make a difference.

(2) These can be collected by the refuse team; depending on how full their lorries are. If they cannot then they are sending street cleansing teams (the red caged vans) to clear the outstanding later.

(3) If you have not had the side waste collected by 4pm, place in your black/blue bin as appropriate.

(4) Report this as a missed bin collection on the Enfield Council website – who will arrange a collection. 

(5) If this is not resolved contact your Councillor. If you live in Bush Hill Park – then I am one of your Councillors and are happy to help. I hope the above is helpful and constructive.

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