School road safety update – Bush Hill Park

I am continuing to work with local Primary Schools, Council, Police and residents to improve road safety around our three local Primary Schools.

To bring you up to date, here is the latest news;

Raglan School.

We continue to work to secure a 20mph speed limit around the School perimeter. Only Wellington Road features a reduced speed limit, and of course there are entrances at Amberley Road and Raglan Road. One step forward is that I secured a speed survey which took place in September. I am awaiting the report on this from the Council.

There have been some parking issues including on the zig-zag lines. I am working with Council Parking Enforcement and the Police to tackle this behaviour.

Firs Farm School.

The entrance of the School has changed to the Fairway – where there are no zig-zag lines. I have requested that the Council look at this. Like Raglan School I am working with the Council Parking Enforcement and Police on various parking issues in the area. We have also seen an ongoing issue of speeding on the road and have asked for a speed survey to be conducted by the Council.

Edmonton County School. 

During peak drop-off and collection times the road of Little Bury Street can become very congested with parking blocking residents driveways. Again I am working with the Council Parking Enforcement and Police on this.

I will continue to press for action at all three local Primary Schools.

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