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Barrowell Green recycling centre update

Many residents having been complaining of struggling with waste, in part, following the the Labour run Enfield Council moving to fortnightly bin collections for blue and black bins and charging

79% say NO to new Edmonton Incinerator

I have been reading correspondence and listening to local residents concerns about the proposed new Edmonton Incinerator. From this I decided to run a poll on the local community page,

Bush Hill Park; issues raised in June

Many of you have asked what are the main issues that local residents are raising. Well this is the second edition of monthly updates to answer that question. The chart

Your top issues in Bush Hill Park

Many of you have asked what are the main issues that local residents are raising. Well this is the first edition of monthly updates to answer that question. The chart

Bush Hill Park 20m phone mast – rejected

Many of you have contacted me to raise your concern about this planning application. The proposal for a mobile phone mast at the junction of First Avenue and Queens Anne’s

Call for action on Bury St West / Bury Lodge Gardens road safety

Local residents and the Friends of Bury Lodge Park have been calling for action to address a traffic island which has seen many accidents.

The accidents seem to peak during the summer when the sun is low in the sky combined with many cars parking alongside Bury Lodge Park.

I have raised this issue many times with the Council on the need for action and requested site visits – all to no avail so far. This matter has been escalated to a senior Director.

Last weekend saw a spate of accidents including one car reportedly being written off. Many are rightly concerned that it is only a matter of time before someone is injured or worse.

A nearby traffic island (on the same road) has a lit lamppost and blue arrow sign, I have asked why the traffic island does not.

Additionally I asked the Council to clear-up the accident damage (glass/plastic) on the road, oil and repair the traffic island. Image result for blue road sign

Personally on one of the many site visits I have conducted, a car nearly lost car control right in front of me. It is a real concern that if matters are not resolved then we could see someone injured or worse.

Rest assured I will continue to press Enfield Council for action with the local community.

Microsoft goes to Enfield

Microsoft have announced they have signed an agreement to acquire Metaswitch Networks, who are a leading virtual network software, data and comms company.

This follows the recent acquisition of Affirmed Networks by Microsoft last month. Microsoft has stated it is looking to leverage the two organizations, extending the Azure platform.

Metaswitch has been an exciting and growing business over the years and works with over 1,000 communications service providers and network equipment providers across the globe. The acquisition has come at a crucial time as the industry transitions to 5G networks.

The acquisition of Metaswitch by Microsoft is a huge boost to the Enfield economy – and very much hope to see increased jobs and investment as a result. This news is so important as we move through the Covid19 challenge.

Microsoft coming to Enfield will put our community on the global tech / r&d map as a place to invest and grow. We offer great transport links both into London on the underground and the M25 on our doorstep. Enfield has demonstrated through companies like Metaswitch that we can innovate and have the talent to back this up.

Let this be the signal that now is a great time to invest in Enfield!


Reducing motor vehicle crime in Bush Hill Park Ward

Today I organised a virtual meeting with the local Police and CAPE Chairman (Community Action Partnerships Enfield).

This is due to a surge in motor vehicle crime including theft from vehicles and theft of vehicles in Bush Hill Park Ward.

It is clear that based on the figures, that there is a significant under reporting of vehicle crime currently. This makes the job of the Police harder, in terms of tracking trends, activity and descriptions of the criminals.

The Police are utilising the security camera footage supplied by residents to help indentify the culprits when they are on patrol. Thank you to everyone who has submitted the footage.

In addition the Police are deploying additional resources to the peak times that these crimes are occurring.

Some motor vehicle crime is preventable – please always ensure your car is locked and valuables are not on view/left in the car.

Together we can reduce crime in Bush Hill Park Ward, but only by working together.


Non emergency crimes can be reported online: https://www.met.police.uk/ro/report/ocr/af/how-to-report-a-crime/

Does it feel like the situation could get heated or violent very soon? Is someone in immediate danger? Do you need support right away? If so, please call 999 instead


Bush Hill Park Councillors Telephone ☎️ Surgery

During Covid19 Councillor Clare De Silva and I have decided to increase our telephone surgery from monthly to fortnightly.

If you are a Bush Hill Park Ward resident, business or charity? Please feel welcome to call and raise local issues. We are here to help!


Climate Change in Enfield Borough? Council fells 133 trees ahead of development

Following Enfield Borough Council securing planning permission to develop the former Bury Lodge Depot, the Council cleared a total of 133 mature trees from the site.

The view of the depot now is deeply contrasted with how it once looked – with a significant number trees around the perimeter of the site being removed as part of the clearance.

With the Council having declared a ‘Climate Change Emergency’, adding to the level in trees across the Borough is an absolute priority alongside a range of other measures. Protecting and preserving trees, especially mature trees is imperative in the current times.

It is concerning and saddening to know, that the replanting of the trees wont commence for at least 18 months…….


Bury Lodge Gardens – play area

Bury Lodge Gardens – play area

During lock down playgrounds are shut.

However, unfortunately some adults have ignored this. To this end I contacted Enfield Council about what was happening at the playground.

In response the Council has secured the Bury Lodge playground site by installing tall metal fencing.

A10 average speed camera 📸 results

A10 average speed cameras – 1st month results

During the 1st month of the A10 Enfield Borough average speed cameras 📸 on average are catching 186 speeding drivers each and every day.

The community campaigning was worthwhile!

Over the years the A10 has seen some of the worst speeding across most of London and indeed the country.

Pesticide Tree spraying – Firs Farm Wetlands Park

I received complaints about a contractor (on behalf of the Forestry Commission) pesticide spraying oak trees to deal with Oak Processionary Moth (OMP).

There was clear concern about the health and safety of Park users.

From the complaints which detailed a lack of warning signs and spraying on a windy day; I have contacted Environmental Health at the Council.

In response the Council has; (1) Raised these concerns with both the contractor and Forestry Commission.

(2) Reminded the contractors of their health and safety obligations for spraying in public places

(3) Instructed permission is sought to enter any Council controlled land (so parks, open spaces etc) or providing all mandatory health and safety paperwork in advance.

1st Anniversary of A10 Operation Vision Zero

1st Anniversary of A10 Operation Vision Zero

Today marks one year since the A10 Traffic Police Operation ‘Vision Zero’ commenced. In that time we have seen a significant number of traffic enforcements, cars seized and arrests. Their action is saving lives and keeping the road safer and quieter. Huge thank you to Detective Supt Andy Cox and the Traffic Police team.

Enfield/Edmonton A10 speeding mentioned at No.10 briefing

Enfield/Edmonton A10 speeding mentioned at No.10 briefing

At the No.10 briefing today the Home Secretary referenced the 134mph speeding on the Enfield/Edmonton A10. Underlines why the Traffic Police Operation ‘Vision Zero’ and average speed cameras 📸 we campaigned for were so important – in catching these irresponsible, dangerous, selfish drivers.