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Bush Hill Park – Tree Watch

As previously posted, I have been pressing the Council on the unacceptable net loss of street trees across Bush Hill Park Ward. Given the Council has declared a Climate Emergency

Edmonton Cemetery maintenance update

Many residents have raised concerns about the poor maintenance condition of Edmonton Cemetery. Following this Cllr Fallart and I made a site visit. Some of the main issues were;  

Bury Lodge Gardens maintenance

We are continuing to chase Enfield Council on the pergolas still being shut since last year and deteriorating state of the pavements. In addition to outstanding playground repairs.

A10 Skatepark – site visit update

Councillor Fallart and myself visited the A10 Edmonton Skatepark. After FIVE months of chasing Enfield Council on safety and maintenance issues, disappointed to still be chasing – but will not

Site visit to Edmonton Cemetery

Following the previous post about the state of the pavement linking the Cemetery to the A10, many residents raised other issues of concern. As a result, Councillor Peter Fallart and

Action on Cambridge Terrace / Crawley Road alleyway

I have been actively working with residents and the Council on the issues with the alley way.

The problem was the gates being left open and the alleyway seeing fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

A few very community minded residents had cleared litter previously – which clearly should not have been needed in the first place.

As the land owner passed away. The Council agreed to clear all the rubbish and ensure the gates were locked.

All businesses and residents have been written to on the need to keep the access secure.

Hopefully the issue is now resolved and will be cleaner and safer for all.

Your issues – March casework

Certainly another very busy month of casework of issues spread across 13 distinct policy areas.

These are the issues you raised with me – your concerns.

In joint first place was fly tipping and road safety. These two issues are consistently, month on month the main subjects of concern.

For fly tipping it is a constant battle with several areas in particular being hotspots. The Council cutting bin services and reducing service at  Barrowell Green has not helped.

We are working with the Police to tackle speeding and in the process of setting up a ‘Community Speed Watch’.

The third issue is parks and includes a range of issues from maintenance, repairs, litter and provision of facilities. With the Skatepark being the fourth issue with similar challenges.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me.


Bush Hill Park road safety update (and some good news)

As one of your Bush Hill Park Councillors, I continue to proactively press the issue of road safety with Enfield Council. Sadly, the Council has stated on repeated occasions that the accident rates across Bush Hill Park are not high enough for intervention. Clearly this is disappointing to say the least; consistently road safety is one of the biggest concerns of residents and have raised the issue at the very most senior levels of authority.

Speed cameras are the responsibility of the Greater London Assembly (GLA). Funding is currently paused – but it is likely that these will be prioritised for high accident areas. To date all the Council have offered are LTNs (road closures to through traffic) which are clearly deeply divisive and controversial. The feedback I have received overall from local residents is a clear majority against.

The good news.

I have been working with the local Bush Hill Park Police and local crime panel (CAPE). Through this securing a commitment that speeding cars are one of the three key priorities for the Police. As a result of stopping these cars, due to other offences (eg no license, tax etc) over 30 vehicles have been seized in the last month. Where you can help. I am working with the Police and CAPE to set-up a ‘Community Speed Watch’ project for Bush Hill Park Ward. We are looking for volunteers to assist with this – if you are interested please let me know.


Edmonton Bush Hill Park Skate Park – update

Many residents have contacted me about the condition and up keep of the area. This seems to have become worse since the cemetery works took place with general stones and debris scattered around the area.

It is clear that the skate park is very important to many young people and is long overdue some improvements in addition to the safety concerns raised.

Rest assured I will keep pressing this with the Council. So far it is disappointing that they took over a month to even reply to the issues raised.

Parking issues on Little Bury Street.

I have contacted the Council regarding the parking problems being experienced around Edmonton County School.
The Parking Team are aware that this is a problem location during school drop off and pick up times and the location is already on our additional enforcement list.
They will take up with the Parking Contractor advising them to pay particular attention to the area stated and ask for a more robust approach to be taken.

Addressing Park safety issue

The Bury Lodge Park Friends raised concern about holes appearing under the fence line between the playground and building site. I got onto the Council who ensured additional fencing and that the holes were filled in.

Edmonton skate park safety concerns

Very concerned about the health and safety concerns raised regarding the Edmonton Bush Hill Park skate park.
Even more so that after nearly a MONTH of chasing no clear answers.
Yet another failure by this awful Labour administration.
I will keep chasing this.

Bush Hill Park February casework

It was certainly a very busy month of casework in Bush Hill Park with 18 different distinct areas of concern.

Flytipping and bins is the number one issue. Sadly since the bin collections were cut we have seen a huge increase in fly tipping. I continue to call for a return to weekly bin collections.

Second is road safety. Speeding concerns across a range of roads. Working with the Police we have seen a significant number of dangerous drivers stopped and 15 vehicles seized the other month.

Third is trees. In the main this is relating to the low level of tree planting on our streets and many roads seeing a net reduction in trees.

As ever as a Councillor and local resident will continue to press for action on a wide range of issues.



Bury Lodge Park – supporting this wonderful area

Bury Lodge Park is a jewel in the crown of Bush Hill Park and has been so vital for many during the lockdown – as a place to exercise or enjoy some tranquility.

The park has faced a number of challenges and I have been doing my bit to help. The includes ensuring play ground equipment is repaired and supporting new play provision.

Last month there were reports of dogs being taken into the playground; I managed to secure additional signage and Covid marshalls monitoring this.

In the last week the Council undertook maintenance works on the toilets and shelter area. Unfortunately this was graffitied over the weekend – I promptly repaired and it has been cleaned already.

An ongoing issue is the state of the paths and I continue to press the Council for action on this.

On better news the Council has committed to repairing the pergola beams and paving slabs. This could start as soon as next month.

If you ever see any issues please let me know.

Police speeding / motor vehicle enforcement – some good news!

I am continuing to work with the Bush Hill Park Police and CAPE on the issue of speeding and dangerous driving.

This includes, through the CAPE, that speeding/anti-social driving is one of the key priorities for the Bush Hill Park Police. At the moment we are working on securing funds for the local officers to be trained on using the speed gun.

Some good news, is that whilst we wait on this; the local team still specifically allocated resources for car patrols in the meantime!

For instance a car driving erratically on Fords Grove N21 was stopped, the driver wasn’t insured to drive the vehicle and the vehicle has been seized.
The number of seized vehicles on Bush Hill Park in the last month has now EXCEEDED 15! Most of the time stops are due to the manner of driving.

On average the Bush Hill Park Police are seizing about one car per shift. However there are occasions where they process drivers for other offences such as using a mobile phone whilst driving – which doesn’t include seizing vehicles.

In addition, as the Police move towards undertaking speed gun work, they are asking for volunteers to join the Community Speed Watch scheme – where residents assist the Police. If you would be interested in helping please go to the the following link;