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Bury Lodge Gardens maintenance

We are continuing to chase Enfield Council on the pergolas still being shut since last year and deteriorating state of the pavements. In addition to outstanding playground repairs.

A10 Skatepark – site visit update

Councillor Fallart and myself visited the A10 Edmonton Skatepark.

After FIVE months of chasing Enfield Council on safety and maintenance issues, disappointed to still be chasing – but will not stop until ALL issues resolved.

Some of the issues include:

*Part of Skatepark tarmac covered with stones/gravel – following Council using as an access point.

*Litter everywhere.

*Floodlights not working.

*Trees and grass needing to be cut back.(ACTIONED)

As Bush Hill Park Councillors we will keep pursuing this matter until the Skatepark is safe and clean for the Skatepark users.


Edmonton A10 Skatepark – time for the Council to take action.

Call for action on Skatepark.

Disappointed to report that after chasing Enfield Council for over two months on the state of Edmonton A10 Skatepark – it is still in an appalling condition.

Some of the issues include: *Part of Skatepark tarmac covered with stones/gravel – following Council using as an access point. Which creates a safety issue. *Litter everywhere. *Floodlights not working. *Trees and grass needing to be cut back.

As a Bush Hill Park Councillor I will keep pursuing this matter until the Skatepark is safe and clean for the Skatepark users.

Vandalism at Bury Lodge Gardens toilets

Sad to report that the toilet block at Bury Lodge Gardens was vandalised on Saturday. This mainly included windows being smashed and toilet doors being ripped off.

Working with the Friends Group and Council I am pleased to say that Council contractors have been out; first to secure by repairing the glass windows. In the last 24 hours the toilet doors and damage to the cubicles has been addressed.

Another contractor will be conducting a clean with a view to the toilets reopening tomorrow.

This follows the shelter suffering graffiti – that we managed to ensure was promptly repainted.

Edmonton Bush Hill Park Skate Park – update

Many residents have contacted me about the condition and up keep of the area. This seems to have become worse since the cemetery works took place with general stones and debris scattered around the area.

It is clear that the skate park is very important to many young people and is long overdue some improvements in addition to the safety concerns raised.

Rest assured I will keep pressing this with the Council. So far it is disappointing that they took over a month to even reply to the issues raised.

Addressing Park safety issue

The Bury Lodge Park Friends raised concern about holes appearing under the fence line between the playground and building site. I got onto the Council who ensured additional fencing and that the holes were filled in.

Edmonton skate park safety concerns

Very concerned about the health and safety concerns raised regarding the Edmonton Bush Hill Park skate park.
Even more so that after nearly a MONTH of chasing no clear answers.
Yet another failure by this awful Labour administration.
I will keep chasing this.

Bury Lodge Park – supporting this wonderful area

Bury Lodge Park is a jewel in the crown of Bush Hill Park and has been so vital for many during the lockdown – as a place to exercise or enjoy some tranquility.

The park has faced a number of challenges and I have been doing my bit to help. The includes ensuring play ground equipment is repaired and supporting new play provision.

Last month there were reports of dogs being taken into the playground; I managed to secure additional signage and Covid marshalls monitoring this.

In the last week the Council undertook maintenance works on the toilets and shelter area. Unfortunately this was graffitied over the weekend – I promptly repaired and it has been cleaned already.

An ongoing issue is the state of the paths and I continue to press the Council for action on this.

On better news the Council has committed to repairing the pergola beams and paving slabs. This could start as soon as next month.

If you ever see any issues please let me know.

Bury Lodge Park playground – Dogs being taken in

The Friends Group has raised concern that individuals are taking dogs into the playground. This is not allowed and has a specific by-law covering this.

I have been in touch with the Council who have installed additional signage as a reminder. Covid Marshalls are also conducting regular visits as well.

Any breaches can be reported to the Council Parks Team: 020 83791449

Firs Farm Wetlands – update

I am actively working with the Firs Farm Wetlands Friends Group and Council to maintain and enhance this wonderful community asset.

*Pavements edging and clearing weeds is ongoing.
*Regular checks and clearing of litter. I spotted some the other day which the Council resolved.
*New padlocks for security gating around the old changing rooms compound.
*Additional litter bins on the way.

The above is not a comprehensive list, but gives you an idea of some good news.