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Enfield Labour run Council CUT Council Tax Support to 6,500 households

Did you know?

Enfield Labour run Council has carried through with reducing Council Tax Support to 6,500 low income households. The majority of which are households and families in the east of the Borough. Households will lose support of anything between £142 – £1,455.

At anytime this would be wrong – let alone during the cost of living crisis.

We campaigned against the change and Conservatives voted against. Labour Councillors backed the change.

The number one Ward that is impacted is Edmonton Green with 520 households seeing a cut in support.

Labour is no longer the party of the working class.

£1.1m to help Enfield Borough vulnerable children and families

The Government has announced £1,149,542.86 to further support vulnerable children and families in Enfield Borough this Winter.

  • Enfield Borough Council to receive £1,149,542.86 from government for food and supplies for vulnerable households as part of £170 million package
  • Extension of school holiday programme providing food and activities for young people also announced
  • Prime Minister reaffirms Conservatives’ commitment to preventing childhood hunger

Families that have been hardest hit by the pandemic and need extra support this winter with food and bills will benefit from a new £170 million scheme unveiled by the Government.

The Covid Winter Grant Scheme will see councils across England share £170 million in additional, ring-fenced funding to help vulnerable families and individuals, with Enfield Borough Council receiving £1,149,542.86.

This will prevent children from going hungry this winter and ensure local families get the help they need. It builds on the £63 million already provided to councils this year to assist those struggling to buy food and essentials.

A further £220 million will be invested in extending the Holiday and Food Programme until next Christmas, meaning that all children eligible for Free School Meals will have the option to join a holiday-time programme that provides healthy food and fun activities during the summer, Christmas and Easter holidays next year.

Commenting, Councillor James Hockney, Shadow Finance said:

“No child should ever go hungry, and the extra £1,149,542.86 for Enfield Borough Council will ensure local families that need extra support with food and bills this winter can access it, which is very welcome news.

“I’m also pleased that the Prime Minister has announced the extension of the Holiday Activities and Food programme, which provides healthy food and activities for children during the school holidays and has a massive impact on disadvantaged young people in our community, to cover Easter, Summer and Christmas next year.

Bury Lodge Gardens – play area

Bury Lodge Gardens – play area

During lock down playgrounds are shut.

However, unfortunately some adults have ignored this. To this end I contacted Enfield Council about what was happening at the playground.

In response the Council has secured the Bury Lodge playground site by installing tall metal fencing.

Moving on after an amazing 15 years as councillor

After an amazing 15 years as a councillor, due to moving to London with my family, coupled with already working and studying in London I cannot re-stand in May 2016 for District Councillor in Waterbeach Ward. I will continue to give committed representation to the Ward over the next four months and support the search for a new Conservative candidate.

As I said this has been a very difficult decision as being a Councillor has been part of my life for over 15 years. In this time working with the community we have made a significant difference on many local issues – and we can look back on some real achievements. I am grateful to everyone I have worked with –councillors, MP’s, MEP’s, council officers, residents and activists. This has always been about team work and securing the best outcomes for the local community.

My intention is to remain active in Conservative politics including campaigning in the London Mayoral and Cambridgeshire elections, continuing as a Conservative Friends of Bangladesh Board Member and running the ‘Charter for Bullied School Children’.

I will always be grateful for the support I have had to allow me to be elected to three terms of office – thank you.

Supporting early years for our next generation

Sure StartThere is now a record number of families are using children’s centres. A study by the national charity, 4Children, shows that over a million families are benefiting from Children’s Centre services and that centres are supporting two-thirds of all disadvantaged families with children under the age of five.

Childcare places have increased since 2010. There are over 100,000 more places for parents to choose from than there were in 2010.

But also helping with the cost of childcare;

(1) Increased free childcare for all 3 and 4 year olds to 15 hours a week, worth £2,400 to each family.

(2) Extended 15 hours a week of free childcare to 260,000 2-year-olds from low-income families.

(3) Legislated for tax free childcare to support families, worth up to £2,000 per child.

(4) A £1,000 transferable tax allowance for four million married couples.

(5) Universal Credit childcare support increased from 70 per cent to 85 per cent.

Pictured above is when I was delighted to attend the opening of the SureStart Centre in Waterbeach several years ago (known locally as the Dolphin Centre). Little did I know at the time that I would now be taking my wonderful baby daughter there!