Enfield Labour Council spends £665,000 on furniture in under two years!

Labour Council has surged spending on lavish furniture.

• Driven by the Labour Councils multi-million £ makeover ‘Build to Change’ project. Conservatives have called for a halt on spending and reinvest into frontline services.

• £250,000 was spent on furniture at the Housing Hub in a £3.78 million pound refurbishment – the building will be demolished in the Edmonton Green redevelopment.

• Council cannot provide breakdown of individual furniture item spend on the Housing Hub works.

• £415,000 Civic Centre spend includes £1,100 chairs, £2,200 sofas and £15,000 boardroom table.

Shadow Finance Councillor James Hockney said: “When the Labour Council keeps saying it has no money – but spends money like this, it is quite incredible. This money could and should have been invested into frontline services.

Such spending on lavish furniture on the taxpayer’s money would be an insult and wrong at any time; let alone during cost of living when many residents would want to be able to buy new furniture – but are not in a position to.”

Conservatives say; halt this spending and invest in the residents priorities

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