Fir Farms Wetlands Update – some good news

Firs Farm Wetlands is a jewel in the crown of Bush Hill Park, being an oasis where people can walk and sit to reflect in peaceful surroundings.

There have been an ongoing number of issues and convened a meeting between the Friends Group and the Council to see what could be done.

One important piece of context; is since the March lockdown there has been a 136% increase of footfall.

Litter: There has been a sharp increase of general litter around the park and in the bins. The Council have stepped up their activity of both litter picks and empty of bins.

Flytipping: Especially at the front of the Wetlands, fly tipping has increased. The location is on the watch list of sites which should help with clearances.

Bins, bins, bins: We need more bins on site and the Council has agreed to supply six extra on site in the near future. There is additional potential funding should it be required.

Rats: The wetlands has seen a sharp increase in the rat population due to litter and feeding of wildlife, in the interim the Council will look at a pest control solution.

Signage: Different signs are needed, especially in relation to people and pets going into the ponds, which is not safe to due and impacts on the wildlife in the ponds.

Maintenance: Improvements are needed on pipe blockages into the ponds, weeds growing through pavements and general upkeep of the grassed areas and wildflower areas. It was agreed to arrange a site visit to look at these problems in more detail for a resolution.

Certainly a productive meeting and an example of good partnership working!

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