A10 and car meets Public meeting

Firstly thank you to everyone that attended the meeting  – it was a great turnout.

So the good news. At the meeting the local Police reported they had secured additional funding for Police Officers to target the car meet hotspots. In the lead up to the meeting TfL also confirmed the Road Traffic Police will conduct more speed checks on the A10.

We had a great panel – including GLA Member Emma Best (who presented the 2000+ petition to the GLA Assembly), Councillor Chris Dey chairing, Insp Richard Lee and Sergeant Crosby from the Police, Derek Wheeler (Bush Hill Park Residents Association Chair) and Rob Varney from TfL. One of the business park land owners was also in the audience.

In the run up to the meeting I have had a series of discussions with a number of car park managers / owners on the issue. They are an important part of moving this issue forward. A lot of behind the scenes work has taken place on securing the concrete blocks at the Colosseum car park (former B&Q) – and pressed over recent months to address the delays on installation. Pleased to confirm additional concrete blocks are to be installed in addition to the ones that went in the other week.

Sadly Enfield Council did not have any Council Officers available to attend – however the Council CEO sent an email which was read out at the meeting – stating the authority is committed to tackling the issue. In addition to continuing to support the good work I am doing on the issue.

Next steps: I have reached out to the CEO/Leader of Enfield Council, my local MP and our GLA Assembly member requesting for discussion. To this end I will be meeting the Enfield Council Leader and CEO next month. The GLA Assembly Member office is scheduling a time to chat. Still awaiting to hear back from my MP.

To be clear I am in constant contact with the Council, Police, GLA and TfL on this issue. I have always been clear that the different agencies need to come together to tackle this issues at hand. In addition I am now speaking directly to car park managers and owners.

Mentioned at the meeting was the Charter for Action that I launched last month – has five steps the Council needs to take and three steps Mayor of London/GLA needs to take. Please do write to your MP, GLA Member and Councillors backing the aims of the Charter.

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