Bush Hill Park road safety update (and some good news)

As one of your Bush Hill Park Councillors, I continue to proactively press the issue of road safety with Enfield Council. Sadly, the Council has stated on repeated occasions that the accident rates across Bush Hill Park are not high enough for intervention. Clearly this is disappointing to say the least; consistently road safety is one of the biggest concerns of residents and have raised the issue at the very most senior levels of authority.

Speed cameras are the responsibility of the Greater London Assembly (GLA). Funding is currently paused – but it is likely that these will be prioritised for high accident areas. To date all the Council have offered are LTNs (road closures to through traffic) which are clearly deeply divisive and controversial. The feedback I have received overall from local residents is a clear majority against.

The good news.

I have been working with the local Bush Hill Park Police and local crime panel (CAPE). Through this securing a commitment that speeding cars are one of the three key priorities for the Police. As a result of stopping these cars, due to other offences (eg no license, tax etc) over 30 vehicles have been seized in the last month. Where you can help. I am working with the Police and CAPE to set-up a ‘Community Speed Watch’ project for Bush Hill Park Ward. We are looking for volunteers to assist with this – if you are interested please let me know.


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