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Labour neglect of Edmonton A10 Skatepark

It is a disgrace that Enfield Labour run Council continues to neglect the A10 Edmonton Skatepark.

Today we had a site visit and continue to raise this to a senior level at the Council.

Many issues about the conditions and maintenance at the skatepark still remain. As you know I have been pressing the Council for action since last year.

Along with Councillor Peter Fallart and Councillor Pat Gregory – we will keep pressing Enfield Labour run Council to account – as our youngsters deserve better.


A10 road safety petition has passed 1,000 signatures! 👍

We continue to press the issue of tackling A10 speeding.

Our call is for average speed 📸cameras network between Southbury Road junction / Great Cambridge Road roundabout like the northern section of the A10.

Please sign the petition.

A10 Edmonton Skatepark update

Many issues about the condition and maintenance at the skatepark still remain. As you know I have been pressing the Council for action since last year.

I have now escalated this issue at Enfield Council.

I will post an update in due course. Issues include; safety of skate surface/area, rubbish/litter need clearing, pavement access in need of repair and graffiti/tags.

Bush Hill Park – Tree Watch

As previously posted, I have been pressing the Council on the unacceptable net loss of street trees across Bush Hill Park Ward.

Given the Council has declared a Climate Emergency we should be seeing a visible and sustained increase of trees across Bush Hill Park Ward. This has included inquiries to ascertain numbers of trees cut down during April to December, tree planting season plan and the corresponding roads.

Sadly with only 14 street trees being planted in this years planting season across the whole of Bush Hill Park Ward; means the overwhelming majority of roads are not getting any new trees. In summary the current financial year (2021/22) 18 roads has seen a net loss of trees. With the greatest net loss on Queen Anne’s Place of seven trees. Seven roads have seen a net gain with Halstead Road being the highest with a net gain of three trees.

If you had any trees cut down on your road in the last month or any going forward, please let me know. As we still have four months of the financial year left to run we will have to see how many more trees are cut down. I will keep pressing that all trees are replaced and that we have an overall net gain of trees.

Edmonton Cemetery maintenance update

Many residents have raised concerns about the poor maintenance condition of Edmonton Cemetery.

Following this Cllr Fallart and I made a site visit.

Some of the main issues were;


Complaint about War Memorial visibility.

They will look into the visibility of the War Memorials. When I have more information from the Council intend to provide an update.

Potholes on roads and paths.

The Council confirmed the repairs for pot holes within the cemetery are scheduled for repair with their contractor.

Bin emptying on site.

Confirmed the bins are emptied twice a day. Council will monitor and see if an increase in frequency is required.

Overgrown hedgerows at front of Church Street entrance.

Council confirmed that all hedgerows will be trimmed and reduced where necessary during the next few weeks, and again prior to the nesting period of 2022.

Overgrown grass/shrubs around graves.

Council said that grass growth has been significant this season, so while the original Service Level Agreement had been achieved, the grass can look untidy after the cemetery has been completed, due to growth rate. They will continue to cut the grass for 2021 until the growth has been addressed.

The shrubs surrounding the grave stones will be pruned as part of the winter maintenance schedule.


When I have more news, I will provide an additional update.

Bury Lodge Gardens maintenance

We are continuing to chase Enfield Council on the pergolas still being shut since last year and deteriorating state of the pavements. In addition to outstanding playground repairs.

A10 Skatepark – site visit update

Councillor Fallart and myself visited the A10 Edmonton Skatepark.

After FIVE months of chasing Enfield Council on safety and maintenance issues, disappointed to still be chasing – but will not stop until ALL issues resolved.

Some of the issues include:

*Part of Skatepark tarmac covered with stones/gravel – following Council using as an access point.

*Litter everywhere.

*Floodlights not working.

*Trees and grass needing to be cut back.(ACTIONED)

As Bush Hill Park Councillors we will keep pursuing this matter until the Skatepark is safe and clean for the Skatepark users.


Site visit to Edmonton Cemetery

Following the previous post about the state of the pavement linking the Cemetery to the A10, many residents raised other issues of concern.
As a result, Councillor Peter Fallart and myself conducted a site visit to Edmonton Cemetery as it is within the Bush Hill Park Ward which we represent.
From the site visit we have now raised a wide range of issues that Enfield Council needs to look at;
(1) Numerous pavements in poor condition, pot holes, trip hazards and need for street sweeping
(2) Many potholes on the roads.
(3) Need to increase the visibility of the World War II Memorial.
(4) Litter bins in need of emptying
(5) Church St need for hedgerow along most of length of frontage to be cut back.
(6) Most of site needs grass cutting.
(7) Number of bushes and shrubs growing around the older grave stones.

Success – rest of Trinity Avenue to be resurfaced

Great news!

Residents have rightly complained about the condition of the road.

It has taken a few years; but we will now see the rest of Trinity Avenue resurfaced.

Thank you to all the residents that backed the call for action.

Action on street cleaning for Edenbridge Road

Edenbridge Road has been experiencing a number of issues with street cleaning over the recent months.

These include;

  • Fly tipping of plastic bags then normally torn apart and debris spreading everywhere.
  • Rubbish and tree debris on the pavements / kerbside.
  • Flooding in areas due to block drains from above.

I can report that Street Cleansing took over the Gully Cleansing contract in September of 2020 with a schedule of areas to clean supplied by the Highways Department. They are currently working through these, but Bush Hill is not due to be cleansed just yet.

But having pressed this with residents they have however added this gully to a list to be done within before June 21st.

In addition a mechanical sweeper will visit Edenbridge Road and the surrounding areas and the Senior Chargehand for the area has been briefed.

I can also update that Edenbridge Road and the surrounding area is cleansed weekly on a Tuesday and a fly tip vehicle will visit the area most days of the week to remove all fly tipping on the road / pavements.

If there is any evidence of who dumped it, found while clearing it will be photographed and sent to Waste Enforcement for the action to be taken.