Waterbeach Post Office plans for the future

There has been some concern reported about the viability of the Post Office. I have been in contact with Councillor Peter Johnson and the Post Master on this. A key issue, was a proposed change at the Post Office, post officethat would have seen a one off amount of £10,000 for refurbishment, but following a permanent reduction in funding to the local branch by £15,000 a year. I am delighted that this is not happening so that Waterbeach Post Office is viable going forward. That said the level of post sent from Waterbeach has reduced from 10 bags to 2/3 bags a day. This is in large part due to the barracks closing. With the MoD properties starting to be occupied this will help, but is clear everyone in the community must support our local businesses.

This is why I have been driving the ‘Shop Local, Shop Waterbeach’ campaign. This includes local shops displaying the ‘Shop Local’ poster and the facebook page www.facebook.com/shopwaterbeachward. Anyone that is interested in joining this campaign then please let me know.

Some additional good news is the Post Office Master is applying for an ATM machine to be put in place to encourage further custom to the Post Office. The picture attached shows the outline plans. It is great news that they are planning for the future.

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