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Bury Lodge Gardens maintenance

We are continuing to chase Enfield Council on the pergolas still being shut since last year and deteriorating state of the pavements. In addition to outstanding playground repairs.

A10 Skatepark – site visit update

Councillor Fallart and myself visited the A10 Edmonton Skatepark.

After FIVE months of chasing Enfield Council on safety and maintenance issues, disappointed to still be chasing – but will not stop until ALL issues resolved.

Some of the issues include:

*Part of Skatepark tarmac covered with stones/gravel – following Council using as an access point.

*Litter everywhere.

*Floodlights not working.

*Trees and grass needing to be cut back.(ACTIONED)

As Bush Hill Park Councillors we will keep pursuing this matter until the Skatepark is safe and clean for the Skatepark users.


Site visit to Edmonton Cemetery

Following the previous post about the state of the pavement linking the Cemetery to the A10, many residents raised other issues of concern.
As a result, Councillor Peter Fallart and myself conducted a site visit to Edmonton Cemetery as it is within the Bush Hill Park Ward which we represent.
From the site visit we have now raised a wide range of issues that Enfield Council needs to look at;
(1) Numerous pavements in poor condition, pot holes, trip hazards and need for street sweeping
(2) Many potholes on the roads.
(3) Need to increase the visibility of the World War II Memorial.
(4) Litter bins in need of emptying
(5) Church St need for hedgerow along most of length of frontage to be cut back.
(6) Most of site needs grass cutting.
(7) Number of bushes and shrubs growing around the older grave stones.