Bush Hill Park – Tree Watch

As previously posted, I have been pressing the Council on the unacceptable net loss of street trees across Bush Hill Park Ward.

Given the Council has declared a Climate Emergency we should be seeing a visible and sustained increase of trees across Bush Hill Park Ward. This has included inquiries to ascertain numbers of trees cut down during April to December, tree planting season plan and the corresponding roads.

Sadly with only 14 street trees being planted in this years planting season across the whole of Bush Hill Park Ward; means the overwhelming majority of roads are not getting any new trees. In summary the current financial year (2021/22) 18 roads has seen a net loss of trees. With the greatest net loss on Queen Anne’s Place of seven trees. Seven roads have seen a net gain with Halstead Road being the highest with a net gain of three trees.

If you had any trees cut down on your road in the last month or any going forward, please let me know. As we still have four months of the financial year left to run we will have to see how many more trees are cut down. I will keep pressing that all trees are replaced and that we have an overall net gain of trees.

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