Waterbeach MOD houses news

MOD Housing update

There has been a delay on the transfer of the MOD Houses to Annington Homes. This is due to the MOD not meeting the March 28th first transfer date because some properties still being occupied.

This will mean that the first transfer will instead be completed on April 19th. The second transfer of 77 properties is still planned to take place in July. We can now confirm that the third transfer of 76 homes will take place on September 11th. Although there were serious security issues in January, the MOD has since then put measures to improve the situation, including security patrols and alarming of properties. This is in liaison with the Police who have also invested extra resource. Since then the situation has been much improved. I continue to support the idea that South Cambridgeshire District Council acquires some of the MOD properties for Council housing, as many local people are struggling to get onto the housing ladder.

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