Waterbeach crime update

StockCMYK35Clearly recent times have been a very difficult for the Waterbeach community given the number of burglaries that have taken place. What we have experienced would be a lot for a year, let alone the past month.

The crime statistics for the last rolling month (09/11-09/12) for Waterbeach are as follows:

Theft from Motor Vehicle/Interference with Motor Vehicle = 9
Burglary Dwelling = 12
Non Dwelling Burglary = 3
Shed/Garage Burglary = 5
Other Crime = 3
Criminal Damage= 2

To this end I have been in regular touch with the Police.

Today I have spoken to Inspector James Sutherland, Safer Neighbourhood Manager for South Cambridgeshire Police. From this discussion the following was agreed;

(1) An increased visibility of Policing in the village this week going forward.
(2) More community updates via E-Cops.
(3) Police giving more support to the Neighbourhood Watch as needed.

There will be soon a division wide ‘Operation Oakland’ being launched with the key focus of reducing burglary and vehicle crime. I have asked that Waterbeach is one of the first villages to receive this support.

I hope this news is of help.

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