Reducing the deficit and fixing the economy to help hardworking people

Yesterday’s figures have shown record levels of employment. This growth has been driven by a rise in permanent, private sector jobs – which suggests businesses are feeling better about the future. In addition, with 29,000 fewer people claiming Jobseekers Allowance compared to last month.

In the last three years;

1. We’ve cut the deficit by a third credit_card.ashx

2. 1.3million private sector jobs created

3. There are around 250,000 more small businesses

4. We’ve created more than a million apprenticeships

5. The UK is now top of the KPMG league table of best countries to do business in

What about Labour?

More of the same that left us such a mess 3 years ago; They want to increase borrowing by billions of pounds – Their plan is more spending, more borrowing, more debt.

Consistently speaking up on the issue

Now, you may say to yourself something like; ‘well with the improving picture, he would be saying this all now’. Picture1Just so you know, I spoke in the Economy session at the Conservative Party Conference in 2011; in my speech I firmly backed the course that the Conservative Party and George Osborne had set with Plan A. We were in a debt crisis – we had to have a credible plan to pay off our national credit-card that Labour left us with. This was key to ensuring mortgage rates were kept low and a basis from which to heal the economy.

Clearly there is a long way to go, but the economy is healing. Conservatives are determined to ensure that all hardworking people benefit from the recovery.

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