Pothole fund for Cambridgeshire welcomed

Cambridgeshire is set to receive £1.9 million pounds as part of the Government’s £168 million pound dedicated pothole fund. Coupled with the winter repair fund equates to £3.5 million.

WinfoldThis is most welcome news. Road and path maintenance features as a regular key issue to local residents in Waterbeach Ward. Recently we have seen some success with the resurfacing work on Winfold Road that local campaigner Sarah Smart and I campaigned on during the local elections. Many additional roads like Old Cambridge Road in Waterbeach and School Lane in Chittering for example need to see action. Hopefully this money can support the much needed road improvements locally. Although I am a District Councillor I will continue to press on this County issue.

The latest announcement combined with existing plans will mean more than £24 billion spent on England’s strategic road network between 2010 and 2021 – the biggest investment in the road network for forty years.IMG-20140421-02516

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