Passing 2nd year of degree as a mature student


The many law books!

It really does not seem possible that I have already finished the second year of my Law Degree.

Nor does it that I have covered the following areas; Family Law, Law of Business Associations, Equity and the Law of Trusts, Law of Tort, European Union Law, Contract Law, Foundations of Criminal Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law & Legal Method and Skills.

I am delighted to have been formally contacted confirming that I have passed the second year – which I have to say is a relief!

When I started the degree I was not sure what to expect. Especially going back into education after a fifteen year break. Certainly getting back into studying and exams took a little while to get used to.

It really has opened up a whole new world to me, making many new friends along the way.

Much has been said about the new funding system for university students. I have to say if it was not for the new system I may well not be writing this article. The reason being the concept of upfront fees was a real barrier to undertaking a qualification. What if I did not enjoy the course? What if I could not get back into the academic flow to be successful in the course?

I will now enjoy the summer before meeting the challenge of the third year in October.

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