Law Degree – The ayes have it, the ayes have it!

Law booksAfter three years that seemed to have flown by, I can now say that I have passed my Law Degree with honours. Much of my studies took place in the Lord Ashcroft Building (pictured right). Before the General Election I had the pleasure of meeting Lord Ashcroft at an ARU talk.

Embarking on the Degree on has been one of the biggest challenges of my life – but on the
journey I have made so many great new friends which has greatly added to the experience.

One of the major reasons that led to me undertaking the Degree was the removal of Labour’s upfront tuition fees.

My family have been a great support – as the first in my family to go to University.

I will now enjoy some freedom away from being buried under law books whilst staring at a computer screen (which has been a feature of the last few months especially!) One of the proudest moments was completing my 10,000 word dissertation on human rights.

Whatever path I now follow; the skills, knowledge and experience that I have garnered will put to good use!

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