Extra Policing resource for Halstead Road and Firs Lane speeding

At the local Bush Hill Park crime panel (CAPE) the issue of speeding was discussed in the Halstead Road / Firs Lane area. The local Police have access to speed guns and will put resource for an ongoing operation in the area.

This is welcome news, however in the longer term only a permanent solution of road safety measures will suffice.

Local residents have done a sterling job petitioning and emailing the Council for action. This is in addition to our own efforts as local Councillors pressing for action on speeding issues along Firs Lane, Halstead Road, Firs Park Avenue area.

Recently we have seen another spike; with many accidents taking place in the past week alone. This familiar site of cars driven to excess and then, inevitably lose control and smash into residents parked cars.

Whilst the Police efforts are welcome, the Council needs to come up with permanent solutions; they must be aimed at improving road safety, formally consulted with local residents and securing broad support before being put in place.

I have continued to ask the Council for a virtual meeting with local residents to move the issue forward.

We will continue to press Enfield Borough Council for action. 

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