Conservative Government announces extra £9.62 million pounds for Enfield Borough Council

Government announces extra £9.62 million pounds for Enfield Borough Council to continue providing vital services during coronavirus

• Enfield Borough Council to benefit from extra £9.62 million pounds in funding announced by the Government.

• Councils have received £6.4 billion in additional direct support since April.

• Local authority has been provided with £40.61 million pounds in extra funding since the pandemic began.

People living and working in Enfield Borough will benefit after Enfield Borough Council was given a share of £900m in additional Government funding for local councils.

The money will be used locally to help the council cover coronavirus-related costs and ensure it has the resources needed to keep providing key services as we battle the Covid pandemic.

It means Enfield Borough Council has now received £40.61 million pounds in direct extra support from the Government since the start of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Enfield Borough Council will benefit from a share of a further £100m established to support council-run leisure centres across the country, which are proving key to helping the health and well-being of people in the area.

The new funding means local councils will have £1bn extra in funding this winter to help maintain vital services.

And Cllr James Hockney said the Government support is proving crucial to people living in Enfield Borough as it means Enfield Borough Council can continue to provide the essential services needed.

“The £9.62 million pounds announced today is hugely welcome and will ease financial pressures on Enfield Borough Council and ensure it is able to continue providing vital local services this winter.

“Just like we said we would stand behind people whose jobs are at risk – with over £200 billion so far to project jobs, incomes and businesses throughout and beyond this pandemic – this Conservative Government is keeping its promise to local authorities and ensuring they have the resources they need to continue supporting people”

The funding has not been ring-fenced, meaning local leaders will be able to determine how to spend the additional funding in order to best protect public health, local vulnerable people and the running of vital services. In total, over £4.6 billion of the £6.4 billion in additional government funding made available to councils has not been ring-fenced, reflecting the Government’s view that local authorities are best placed to determine local priorities.

This is the fourth announcement of extra direct support for local authorities since the start of the pandemic. It forms part of an unprecedented package of support for councils.


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