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RECAP – ‘Choose Reuse’ showcase event

IMG-20130923-02199 I was delighted to attend ther RECAP Waste Partnership (Recycle for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough) showcase ‘Choose Reuse’ performance at Amey Cespa (based in my home area, Waterbeach Ward).

So what is the ‘Choose Reuse’ performance? Well, it is a great drama based presentation to engage with youngsters on waste reduction, recycling and reuse.

This is now the second year that the project has been running. It was interesting to hear from the Enact Performers of how from last year, many youngsters have been using the website and signing up to ‘Choose Reuse’.

The performance was really well structured and the two performers gave a flawless performance. From South Picture3Cambridgeshire District Council, our Portfolio Holder and a senior officer were also present.

The Chairman of RECAP, Nigel Mccurdy said that the performance will go to twenty six secondary schools for year 8’s. This represents a significant proportion of Schools in the Cambridgeshire area.

The ‘Choose Reuse’ day will be October 22nd. To find out more visit





A10 Safer Junction’s Petition presented – call for action

shirehallToday the ‘A10 Safer Junctions’ was formally received at the Cambridgeshire County Council Cabinet meeting. This follows on from me handing over the A10 Safer Junctions petition signed by over 1,200 local residents to Cllr Mac Maguire (Highways Portfolio Holder) at Cambridgeshire County Council Shire Hall on August 29th.

I was pleased that the petition was well received today – being signed by over 1,200 residents shows the strength of feeling and a clear call for action. We have seen serious accidents at both these junctions over the years. Many local residents have said the layouts of both junctions are not fit for purpose as they are unclear and confusing.

Since the campaign was launched in February, we have seen recognition from the County Council that the Landbeach/Milton junction needs to be made safer for pedestrians and cyclists. A consultation event is happening later in the month in Landbeach. This is welcome, but the junction needs to be made safer for all – cyclists, drivers and pedestrians. Over the years there have been discussions and ideas over improving the Landbeach/Waterbeach junction, we do also need to see this turn into action.

I am optimistic that we can succeed in this campaign. Both our last two A10 campaigns resulted in action – the reduced 50mph A10 speed limit and street lights and traffic lights on the Denny End junction.

This petition sends a clear message to Highways in the call to action. Thank you to all the local residents who supported the campaign”.

The County Council will send a formal response to the petition within the next 10 days.

Reflections on Ely by-election

ely catherdralFirstly, congratulations to Cllr Lis Every on being elected to East Cambridgeshire District Council to represent Ely East Ward. I am sure that she will do a great job representing local residents on the Council.

The victory was a result of a great candidate, great campaign and great campaign issues.

During the by-election, I found on the doorstep that Lis and the Conservative team messages on vital projects to help the local economy like; the by-pass, new cinema, leisure centre/pool and a revitalised the town centre – really resonated with residents.

Meanwhile the Lib Dems are opposing the savings needed to fund these projects. Draw your own conclusions.

Labour finished a poor 4th.

Clearly the residents of Ely East have spoken, I was delighted to have played a part in the successful election campaign.

Results in full were as follows;

John Borland Independent


Lis Every (Elected)
The Conservative Party Candidate


Jane Frances The Labour Party Candidate


Jeremy Martin Tyrrell UK Independence Party (UK I P) 


Dian Esther Warman Liberal Democrat


A10 Safer Junctions Petition Presented

IMG-20130829-02159Today at 11am I presented the A10 Safer Junctions petition signed by over 1,200 local residents to Cllr Mac McGuire (Highways Portfolio Holder) at Cambridgeshire County Council Shire Hall.

The petition calls for action to make the two junctions at Landbeach/Milton and Waterbeach/Landbeach safer.

I am delighted by the response that we have had this year to the petition campaign that we launched in February. It is clear that both these junctions have been of serious concern to local residents for many years. We must see action. Last year we succeeded in the reduced 50mph limit on the A10. Now we must get these two junctions improved once and for all. This petition sends a clear message to Highways in the call to action. Thank you to all the local residents who supported the campaign.

Many residents have commented that the junctions’ layouts are unclear and confusing. The petition calls for action and funding to improve the two junctions in consultation with the local community.

The petition will go before the next meeting of the County Council Cabinet on September 10th.


Reducing the deficit and fixing the economy to help hardworking people

Yesterday’s figures have shown record levels of employment. This growth has been driven by a rise in permanent, private sector jobs – which suggests businesses are feeling better about the future. In addition, with 29,000 fewer people claiming Jobseekers Allowance compared to last month.

In the last three years;

1. We’ve cut the deficit by a third credit_card.ashx

2. 1.3million private sector jobs created

3. There are around 250,000 more small businesses

4. We’ve created more than a million apprenticeships

5. The UK is now top of the KPMG league table of best countries to do business in

What about Labour?

More of the same that left us such a mess 3 years ago; They want to increase borrowing by billions of pounds – Their plan is more spending, more borrowing, more debt.

Consistently speaking up on the issue

Now, you may say to yourself something like; ‘well with the improving picture, he would be saying this all now’. Picture1Just so you know, I spoke in the Economy session at the Conservative Party Conference in 2011; in my speech I firmly backed the course that the Conservative Party and George Osborne had set with Plan A. We were in a debt crisis – we had to have a credible plan to pay off our national credit-card that Labour left us with. This was key to ensuring mortgage rates were kept low and a basis from which to heal the economy.

Clearly there is a long way to go, but the economy is healing. Conservatives are determined to ensure that all hardworking people benefit from the recovery.