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Edmonton Cemetery footpath

Noticed on my walk a dangerously uneven footpath from the Edmonton Cemetery to the A10. Raised with Enfield Council.

It doesn’t need a sign – it needs fixing!

Getting action to clear leaves on pavements.

As Bush Hill Park Councillor I have been working with residents over past couple of weeks regarding leaves clearance.

This was on noticing on my community walks the amount of leaves on pavements.

Many suffer trips and falls on slippery pavements, especially if the leaves are covering pavement faults. The impact of a fall can have serious implications for the person suffering the accident.

This is why I have been pressing the Council for action.

Please see the current situation;

Completed: Amberley Road, Bagshot Road, Abbey Road (have flagged residents feedback), Wellington Road, Solna Road.

Finishing Tomorrow: Edenbridge Road

Finishing this week: Gardenia Road, Park Avenue, Lynmouth Avenue, Queen Annes Place.

Kerb/drain sweeper this week: Delhi Road.

Awaiting to hear on: Amberley Gardens, First Avenue, Halstead Road, Third Avenue, Summerhill Grove, Park Avenue, Countisbury Road, Queen Anne’s Place, Illingworth Way and Halstead Gardens.


If you have any roads that need resolving please let me know.