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Action on Cambridge Terrace / Crawley Road alleyway

I have been actively working with residents and the Council on the issues with the alley way.

The problem was the gates being left open and the alleyway seeing fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

A few very community minded residents had cleared litter previously – which clearly should not have been needed in the first place.

As the land owner passed away. The Council agreed to clear all the rubbish and ensure the gates were locked.

All businesses and residents have been written to on the need to keep the access secure.

Hopefully the issue is now resolved and will be cleaner and safer for all.

Your issues – March casework

Certainly another very busy month of casework of issues spread across 13 distinct policy areas.

These are the issues you raised with me – your concerns.

In joint first place was fly tipping and road safety. These two issues are consistently, month on month the main subjects of concern.

For fly tipping it is a constant battle with several areas in particular being hotspots. The Council cutting bin services and reducing service at  Barrowell Green has not helped.

We are working with the Police to tackle speeding and in the process of setting up a ‘Community Speed Watch’.

The third issue is parks and includes a range of issues from maintenance, repairs, litter and provision of facilities. With the Skatepark being the fourth issue with similar challenges.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me.


Bush Hill Park February casework

It was certainly a very busy month of casework in Bush Hill Park with 18 different distinct areas of concern.

Flytipping and bins is the number one issue. Sadly since the bin collections were cut we have seen a huge increase in fly tipping. I continue to call for a return to weekly bin collections.

Second is road safety. Speeding concerns across a range of roads. Working with the Police we have seen a significant number of dangerous drivers stopped and 15 vehicles seized the other month.

Third is trees. In the main this is relating to the low level of tree planting on our streets and many roads seeing a net reduction in trees.

As ever as a Councillor and local resident will continue to press for action on a wide range of issues.



October Bush Hill Park casework – your issues

The month of October has seen a very wide range of issues raised. I am pleased to say that we have had a lot of success in resolving many of the problems in the community.

The top four have been fly tipping/bins, road safety, covid (masks) and pavements.

We have continued to see widespread fly tipping across Bush Hill Park and some hot spot areas. I am pleased to say that a number of fines have been issued and we are continuing in the battle to keep the area clean and green. The Council has agreed to do a litter pick of the Firs Farm Wetlands and to also install additional bins – it is a jewel in the crown of Bush Hill Park and I will always work with you to protect it.

Road safety concerns include the Halstead Road / Firs Lane area as well as the three Primary Schools locally. I am working with the Council and Police on these issues.

The third issue has been concern about mask wearing levels at a small number of shops locally. This has been an issue working in partnership with the Council, Police and shops. We have seen improvements in mask wearing levels – vital in the fight against Covid-19.

Fourth is trip hazards on pavements. I have spotted many during my walks in the community. Typically these are near trees that are pulling up the pavements and creating trip hazards.  Already the Council has agreed to repair many of these.

It has been a very busy time in the community and I will always do my best as a local resident and your Councillor to press for results.

Your issues – Bush Hill Park Ward Casework

It has been another busy month serving the Bush Hill Park Ward community as a Councillor.

The largest issue has been street lighting, with a large amount of new PFI contract street lights not working properly initially. In terms of the next three issues, planning is mainly around the proposed Abbey Road development, Covid-19 Masks is regarding mask wearing enforcement in shops and the bins/flytipping is the ongoing issues with the reduced bin collections / Barrowell Green recycling.

Bush Hill Park Ward – Your issues July

It has been another busy month of casework and taking up your issues across ten different areas.

Joint number one issues this month are bins/fly-tipping and road safety.

As reported previously the issues of bins and fly-tipping has been an ongoing concern that has noticeably become worse in the last few months. Sadly Enfield Council still refuse to listen to residents calls to return to weekly bin collections.

Their has been a significant increase in road safety casework, especially in Halstead Road, Firs Lane, Firs Park Avenue and Bury Street West. We will continue to call on the Council for action.

The third issue this month is crime, which is mainly regarding theft of and theft from motor vehicles. I have been working closely with the local Police and CAPE on this issue.

I have now added the proposed Edmonton Incinerator as a casework area, given the steady contact on the issue from residents.

If you ever have a local concern, please feel welcome to make contact.