Call for action on speeding on Firs Lane area

In the last two years your local Bush Hill Park Ward Conservative Councillors, Cllr Clare De Silva and myself have been pressing for action on speeding issues on Firs Lane, Halstead Road, Firs Park Avenue area and across the Ward.

Too many times cars are driven to excess and then, inevitably lose control and smash into residents parked cars.

We have, sadly seek delay after delay to tackle speeding on Firs Lane, whilst controversial schemes like in Fox Lane area are pushed forward.

Firs Lane residents have been very clearly calling for action for some time and we are now seeing speeding concerns being raised in Halstead Road, Firs Park Avenue and surrounding roads also.

The Labour run Enfield Council delivered a ‘Perception Survey for the Firs Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood’ in October 2019, which was published in March 2020. The majority of the area is located in Bush Hill Park Ward. One of the key findings in the survey was that 73% said they are a serious problem or a problem in their street.

In April 2020, all funding from Transport for London including for Quieter Neighbourhoods schemes was withdrawn owing to COVID-19. The Council were asked to apply for new funding through the ‘Streetspace’ project. The Council have submitted a number of bids.

This has resulted in a number of projects not being taken forward at this time, which includes the Firs Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood. The Council are continuing to liaise with TfL and hope to secure further investment later in the year to enable more projects to be progressed.

We have also been liaising with the local Police about the speeding issues. They have put in place extra resource to monitor these roads. However, these roads will need permanent measures to reduce the incidents of dangerous speeding.

Going forward we will continue to press Enfield Borough Council for action. 

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