Bush Hill Park Ward – Call for more trees – update

I have been making ongoing enquiries about the level of trees planted on our pavements as a local Bush Hill Park Councillor.

Since the start of 2019 to the end of this financial year (April 2021); a total of 42 trees have been removed and 92 trees planted – a net addition, but only of 50 trees across the Ward – not enough by far!

Trees that are with the contractors to plant by April (some may have been done recently) are as follows and within the numbers above;

Abbey Road, 1 Tree / Bury Street West, 2 Trees / Church Street, 2 Trees / Colne Road, 1 Tree / Halstead Gardens, 1 Tree / Harlow Road, 1 Tree / Melbourne Way, 2 Trees / Queen Annes Gardens, 1 Tree / Second Avenue, 1 Tree / Trinity Avenue, 2 Trees.

If your road/street has seen a net reduction in trees over the years, please let me know. Please see red line map (to the right) to see if you are within Bush Hill Park Ward.

I have called on the Council for greater action. Especially since Enfield Labour run Borough Council declared a ‘Climate Emergency ‘ in July 2019 a total of 40 trees have been planted and 26 removed – a net addition of just 14 trees in 17 months! Clearly not good enough!

If you are also concerned about tree levels in Bush Hill Park Ward please feel welcome to email the Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr.Guney.Dogan@Enfield.gov.uk and copy me in Cllr.James.Hockney@Enfield.gov.uk.

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