Boosting apprenticeships for our youth

On Friday, the Skills Minister, Matthew Hancock MP, announced a new range of apprenticeships in subjects like aerospace that are being designed by employers. But even more that this, the Governments wants to hear from employers interested in designing their own apprenticeships.

Since 2010 there have been 1.8 million apprenticeship starts, which includes developing a simpler and more rigorous system which works for employers and apprentices.

In my view helping create opportunities and supporting our young people achieve their ambitions is crucial to driving social mobility.

It is also about a choice issue as it must and be recognised as the norm for young people to go into an apprenticeship or go to university, two equally prestigious routes into employment.

So far the Government has;

Given employers greater control over apprenticeship courses. We are getting employers involved in setting apprenticeships to make sure they give people the skills they need to get a job.

Improved the quality of apprenticeships. All apprenticeships now must involve meaningful on-the-job training, as well as English and Maths for young people who haven’t yet achieved good GCSEs in these essential subjects.

Made it easier for companies to take on a young apprentice. Offering £1,500 grants for businesses of up to 1,000 employees to take on new 16 to 24 year old apprentices if they haven’t taken one on in the last year.

There are record numbers of new apprenticeships. Since 2010 more than 1.8 million young people have started an apprenticeships. In 2012/13 alone there were over half a million apprenticeship starts whereas Labour never exceeded 280,000 in any given year.


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