Action on drainage issues

fieldsDelighted to report real progress has been made in the matter of residents having sewage backing up onto their properties in Bannold Road, Waterbeach.

Today I chaired a multi-agency meeting including Anglian Water, County Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council and Morris Homes.

Several key actions have taken place;

(1) The whole system has been surveyed

(2) Significant blockages were found reducing pipe capacity by 50% in some parts. These blockages have now been cleared.

(3) The blockages were caused by grease, oil, fat, food waste, nappies, sanitary items being put into the system. Anglian Water will be running a campaign called ‘keep it clear’ to help reduce instances of such waste entering the system.

(4) The pumping levels at the pumping station were not set at the right level and this is being changed.

The combination of measures being taken above should resolve the situation. But we will keep having multi-agency meetings to keep a close eye on the issue.

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