A10 average speed camera update (Southbury Road junction – M25) brief.

There have been quite a few questions about the cameras, I have done to extra research and received a briefing. So here is a bit more detail.

(1) Securing the cameras. The community social media campaign was credited with being instrumental in getting the cameras.

(2) Fines. All the money is sent to split between the public services. The NHS is number 1 receiving 22%. So a £100 fine £22 goes to the NHS.

(3) Enforcement. Up to 53mph notice of £100 fine + offer of speed awareness course (if eligible). 53mph – 66mph notice of £100 + 3pts. Over 66mph straight court.

(4) Enforcement. Any false plates flag on the system.

(5) Camera deployment. There are five sets of linked cameras. So it is possible for people to pick up multiple fines during driving in one session.

(6) Guidelines. The cameras are set-up in line with the ACPO guidelines.

I hope that this brief is helpful and provides a bit more clarity on the operation and background to the cameras.

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