79% say NO to new Edmonton Incinerator

I have been reading correspondence and listening to local residents concerns about the proposed new Edmonton Incinerator.

From this I decided to run a poll on the local community page, Nextdoor.co.uk to gauge opinion on this issue. In total 99 people took part in the poll with an overwhelming 79% saying NO to the new Edmonton Incinerator.

Clearly this is an emotive issue with strong opinions on both sides, one arguing for reducing landfill, the other reducing pollution.

Having watched the recent livestream meeting many key concerns were raised by a wide range of contributors including politicians (including Sir Iain Duncan Smith and Kate Osamor MP) and medical experts.

Some of the key questions that I noted were;

(1) Vastly increased projected costs of the project.

(2) Health related concerns of Co2 and NOx emissions.

(3) Reducing need for landfill / recycling rates improving.

(4) Waste now proposed to come from areas outside the seven authorities area.

(5) Whether plans align with the climate change emergency.

From the issues raised and the responses provided there are demonstrably grounds for concern regarding this project. In light of this, I support the call to ‘Pause and Review’ the project with independent experts to assess the plans.


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