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Since March 2021 I have been raising the neglected condition of the skatepark with Enfield Council. This has involved a lot of time and effort including many site visits – but we have now seen significant progress made. It is now looking much better.

Area torn up during cemetery expansion resurfaced.

New bins installed and regular litter picking of the site.

Potholes near ramps repaired.

Maintenance works on the trees/bushes/grass.

✅ New fencing barrier installed.

Planting area created.

❗️Graffiti continues to be removed from old toilet building / ramps. Some had swear words.

Artist commissioned to work with community and skatepark groups to create artwork on the skatepark ramps / equipment.

Also requested benches to be installed.

If anyone has ideas of how we can improve the site further please let me know.

Campaign for Raglan School 20mph limit continues

Raglan School Road Safety Update

➡️ We continue to call for 20mph School speed limits at the Amberley Road and Raglan Road entrances. The call has been ongoing since 2018 and we not stop until this is secured. Currently only Wellington Road has a School time 20mph limit.

➡️ Add your support emailing and please feel welcome to copy me in ➡️ Four years ago the community successfully secured the Zebra crossing and extended zig zag lines on Wellington Road.
➡️ We would like to see School walk to School project (known as walking buses) to encourage walking and reducing car use. Sadly there is £0 funding from the Council.

➡️ There have been complaints about anti social parking and we regularly contact parking enforcement about this. This occurs on many roads and most complaints are about Wellington Road and Manor Way. If you see anti social / illegal parking please contact parking enforcement.

We will not rest until there is a 20mph speed limit on Raglan Road and Amberley Road.