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Action on street cleaning for Edenbridge Road

Edenbridge Road has been experiencing a number of issues with street cleaning over the recent months.

These include;

  • Fly tipping of plastic bags then normally torn apart and debris spreading everywhere.
  • Rubbish and tree debris on the pavements / kerbside.
  • Flooding in areas due to block drains from above.

I can report that Street Cleansing took over the Gully Cleansing contract in September of 2020 with a schedule of areas to clean supplied by the Highways Department. They are currently working through these, but Bush Hill is not due to be cleansed just yet.

But having pressed this with residents they have however added this gully to a list to be done within before June 21st.

In addition a mechanical sweeper will visit Edenbridge Road and the surrounding areas and the Senior Chargehand for the area has been briefed.

I can also update that Edenbridge Road and the surrounding area is cleansed weekly on a Tuesday and a fly tip vehicle will visit the area most days of the week to remove all fly tipping on the road / pavements.

If there is any evidence of who dumped it, found while clearing it will be photographed and sent to Waste Enforcement for the action to be taken.


Edmonton A10 Skatepark – time for the Council to take action.

Call for action on Skatepark.

Disappointed to report that after chasing Enfield Council for over two months on the state of Edmonton A10 Skatepark – it is still in an appalling condition.

Some of the issues include: *Part of Skatepark tarmac covered with stones/gravel – following Council using as an access point. Which creates a safety issue. *Litter everywhere. *Floodlights not working. *Trees and grass needing to be cut back.

As a Bush Hill Park Councillor I will keep pursuing this matter until the Skatepark is safe and clean for the Skatepark users.

Edmonton Cemetery footpath

Noticed on my walk a dangerously uneven footpath from the Edmonton Cemetery to the A10. Raised with Enfield Council.

It doesn’t need a sign – it needs fixing!