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Tackling crime in Bush Hill Park – latest CAPE meeting

Last night the latest Bush Hill Park CAPE meeting took place. The CAPE brings together local residents, businesses and the Police to discuss local issues and to prioritize two or three issues local issues to focus on.

Overall crime remained the same for the month of October compared to September with 32 crimes reported. The largest issue continues to be vehicle crime with 15 reported offences last month. Sadly we already know that for the month of November many keyless car thefts have taken place.

A range of other issues were discussed, including; the continued spate of burglaries, dangerous speeding (and accidents) along Halstead Road & Firs Lane, A10 speeding and anti-social behaviour around the Bush Hill Park Station / Firs Farm Wetlands.

It was agreed that the three key issues for this month will be: Motor vehicle crime, Burglary, anti-social behaviour / cars speeding.


Extra Policing resource for Halstead Road and Firs Lane speeding

At the local Bush Hill Park crime panel (CAPE) the issue of speeding was discussed in the Halstead Road / Firs Lane area. The local Police have access to speed guns and will put resource for an ongoing operation in the area.

This is welcome news, however in the longer term only a permanent solution of road safety measures will suffice.

Local residents have done a sterling job petitioning and emailing the Council for action. This is in addition to our own efforts as local Councillors pressing for action on speeding issues along Firs Lane, Halstead Road, Firs Park Avenue area.

Recently we have seen another spike; with many accidents taking place in the past week alone. This familiar site of cars driven to excess and then, inevitably lose control and smash into residents parked cars.

Whilst the Police efforts are welcome, the Council needs to come up with permanent solutions; they must be aimed at improving road safety, formally consulted with local residents and securing broad support before being put in place.

I have continued to ask the Council for a virtual meeting with local residents to move the issue forward.

We will continue to press Enfield Borough Council for action. 

Fir Farms Wetlands Update – some good news

Firs Farm Wetlands is a jewel in the crown of Bush Hill Park, being an oasis where people can walk and sit to reflect in peaceful surroundings.

There have been an ongoing number of issues and convened a meeting between the Friends Group and the Council to see what could be done.

One important piece of context; is since the March lockdown there has been a 136% increase of footfall.

Litter: There has been a sharp increase of general litter around the park and in the bins. The Council have stepped up their activity of both litter picks and empty of bins.

Flytipping: Especially at the front of the Wetlands, fly tipping has increased. The location is on the watch list of sites which should help with clearances.

Bins, bins, bins: We need more bins on site and the Council has agreed to supply six extra on site in the near future. There is additional potential funding should it be required.

Rats: The wetlands has seen a sharp increase in the rat population due to litter and feeding of wildlife, in the interim the Council will look at a pest control solution.

Signage: Different signs are needed, especially in relation to people and pets going into the ponds, which is not safe to due and impacts on the wildlife in the ponds.

Maintenance: Improvements are needed on pipe blockages into the ponds, weeds growing through pavements and general upkeep of the grassed areas and wildflower areas. It was agreed to arrange a site visit to look at these problems in more detail for a resolution.

Certainly a productive meeting and an example of good partnership working!

School road safety update – Bush Hill Park

I am continuing to work with local Primary Schools, Council, Police and residents to improve road safety around our three local Primary Schools.

To bring you up to date, here is the latest news;

Raglan School.

We continue to work to secure a 20mph speed limit around the School perimeter. Only Wellington Road features a reduced speed limit, and of course there are entrances at Amberley Road and Raglan Road. One step forward is that I secured a speed survey which took place in September. I am awaiting the report on this from the Council.

There have been some parking issues including on the zig-zag lines. I am working with Council Parking Enforcement and the Police to tackle this behaviour.

Firs Farm School.

The entrance of the School has changed to the Fairway – where there are no zig-zag lines. I have requested that the Council look at this. Like Raglan School I am working with the Council Parking Enforcement and Police on various parking issues in the area. We have also seen an ongoing issue of speeding on the road and have asked for a speed survey to be conducted by the Council.

Edmonton County School. 

During peak drop-off and collection times the road of Little Bury Street can become very congested with parking blocking residents driveways. Again I am working with the Council Parking Enforcement and Police on this.

I will continue to press for action at all three local Primary Schools.