🌲Street trees in Bush Hill Park – update🌲

I have been making ongoing enquiries about the level of trees planted on our pavements as a local Councillor.

Since the start of 2019 to the end of this financial year (April 2021); a total of 42 trees have been removed and 92 trees planted – a net addition, but only of 50 trees across the Ward – not enough by far!

Trees that are with the contractors to plant by April (some may have been done recently) are as follows and within the numbers above;

Abbey Road, 1 Tree Bury Street West, 2 Trees Church Street, 2 Trees Colne Road, 1 Tree Halstead Gardens, 1 Tree Harlow Road, 1 Tree Melbourne Way, 2 Trees Queen Annes Gardens, 1 Tree Second Avenue, 1 Tree Trinity Avenue, 2 Trees.

If your road/street has seen a net reduction in trees over the years, please let me know. Please see red line map to see if you are within Bush Hill Park Ward.

I have called on the Council for greater action, especially given they declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ in 2019! If you are also concerned about tree levels in Bush Hill Park Ward please feel welcome to email the Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr.Guney.Dogan@Enfield.gov.uk and copy me in Cllr.James.Hockney@Enfield.gov.uk.

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